Got Lyme while riding my OW at 6 mile run

  • Few weeks after getting my onewheel I took it to a place called "6 mile run" in new Jersey close to where I live.. I've always lived near woods and over the years have been biten atleast 30+ times.. This time I wasn't so fortunate.. I remember the day very well. I rode for about 40 mins taking breaks here and there..never fell or went In any tall grass.. But towards the end I came around a bend and didn't see an on coming mountain Biker and he caused me to loose balance and fall into some tree branches that were hanging low.. That is where i believe it happened .. I'm not a happy about this at all.. I wish everyone a safe and happy ride.. BUT STAY THE FUCK OUT OF THE WOODS!! LOL

  • Hope you get better quick

  • @njcustom ouch man. but at least you caught it early. Lyme disease can be really bad if you do not know you have it and it progresses unabated. Glad you are okay.

  • @callenj357 @DVO thanks guys!!

  • How do you know it's Lyme? One of my friends thought he had it but it ended up being a false positive. Evidently there are no totally accurate tests and the tests they do have can be both false positive and false negative. If you catch it early it's usually easy to get rid of with a serious dose of antibiotics. You may want to get more testing done before subjecting your immune system to that.

  • @finkin I have to go back in a month.. I'm on stong antibiotics now.. I will also have to be checked every 6 months for the next few years :(

  • @njcustom Yikes :( Good thing you caught it early. Usually it goes undiagnosed.

  • @finkin yeah it sucks ..I know several people with it too.. Not good

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