Board turns on while charging

  • Hey guys, just a quick question. I've noticed recently that after riding, when plugging in the board to charge/top off, the board flips on(lights and all). Doest seem to mess with anything. Just an odd behavior that has formed out of no where. Has anyone experienced this? It doesn't appear to be harmful, just wondering if it's something I should look into... Maybe a bad electronic component or something?

    Thanks! Love the board


  • @KeithVlk I believe that is normal. Are you saying the LED lights (front/back) stay on? When i plug mine in, the LEDs come on for a brief period and then shut off, but the power button light stays on (with the charge pattern).

  • @callenj357 the LEDs come on and stay on. They use to turn off. I haven't ridden much now that's its cold/snowy in Chicago. Maybe a good drain and charge will work.

  • @KeithVlk That is strange. Ya before contacting FM, maybe do a few drains/full charges. And let it charge over night once.

  • They should come on real quick but not stay on

  • For those interested...draining it and charging it back up seemed to have fixed the issue. Small hiccup. All is well now!


  • This happened to me tonight and my OW is only a week old. I gave it a shot a couple hours later and it successfully started charging. I hope it's only a hiccup as well!

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