Magnetic carbon fiber fenders for sale here

  • Hey Onewheel family!!

    I had to start a "for sale" page for my fenders.. It's nearly impossible to keep track of everyone's messages because the forum only allows a certain amount before they delete themselves.. Here is where I will post when fenders are available for sale. I hope everyone understands and I apologize if you have messaged me and I haven't gotten back to you..

    all fenders will be 150$ shipped in the US and May or may not have minor cosmetic flaws..

    Any fenders with major cosmetic flaws will be 90$ shipped in the US.

    OUT OF COUNTRY SHIPPING will have to pay the difference over 10$

    First come first serve with these fenders.. If you miss out there will be a next time so don't worry..



    I know it's nothing crazy but I know alot of you guys and gals need a plug and some don't even know about them.. Just a small gift to show my appreciation :)

    Limited blue fenders 210$
    0_1458173913583_IMG_20160315_164041.jpg 0_1458173932146_IMG_20160315_172949.jpg

    Installation instructions - clean the mounting surface with rubbing alcohol. Peel the 3M 90lbs tape and apply the EXTREME mounts then you're done..

  • I have 2 fenders ready to ship right after the new year.. This blue one is available and an all black carbon0_1451493281401__20151228_190244.JPG 0_1451493304220__20151212_125230.JPG

  • Hi
    I want the blue
    From France

  • @eric emailed you

  • @njcustom I'll take one if they are still available

  • @Apio an all black one is..

  • @njcustom I'll take it

  • @njcustom I've been PM you back and forth last 30 days but I know you've been down and out with the Lyme dz - hoping one of these is for me! I'm about to send the paypal unless you tell me otherwise!

  • @tomtnt I really apologize. It's been so hard keeping track of emails and messages here.. You can me now if you like but it will be a few days before i can get anything out..

  • Hi, I'd like a matte black one when it becomes available, thanks!

  • Love my bad ass matte black fender! Jon does an amazing job!! Awesome to be able to take it on and off easily!! Thanks @njcustom!


  • @MichaelW :+1:

  • Are these all gone for now? I'd definitely like to buy one when you're ready.

  • Also interested in a matte black one like @michaelw's. Whats the price for one of those?

  • @zlyons @uncbeast5 I will post them here when they are available

  • If any cosmetically defective or perfect fenders come available, please let me know. Or if any of you getting a custom fender want to sell your OEM one, shoot me a message.

    Moving to Europe in a month and afraid I don't have time to wait on OneWheel to ship theirs :cry:

  • Would it be possible to have one made that completly covers the wheel sides?

  • @BadWolf yes.. But I would have to start from scratch again..

  • Cant McGyver something? I would be okey with way less than perfect. Function over beauty

  • It would take a whole new mold to make a different design. Out of curiosity why would you want the wheel totally covered? @Badwolf

  • @BadWolf maybe hahaa

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