Charger sparks - fix

  • So I've noticed almost every time I plug in to charge I see and hear a little electrical spark.. I checked the port on the board and one of the pins has a burn mark on it.. Not affecting it but I don't like it.. I also own a solowheel which tells you to plug the wheel in first then second to the electrical outlet.. I tried this with my OW and I no longer hear or see a spark.. This is how I will be charging my OW from now on.. I don't suggest plugging to the wall first..

  • Oh, yeah. Ive heard that spark too. Gonna do the same, thanks!

  • Nice tip! Thanks!! @njcustom

  • Great Tip. We don't want these thing to catch fire. :laughing:

    People are so...."insert word here"......

  • Great tip, thanks! I had noticed that as well.

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