Charge notification / email

  • Would love to get an app notification; or even better. . Option for email notification when the board is fully charged. This way I can hook the charger to a WeMo switch to turn off the charger once the board hits 100% and prevent overcharge.

  • Not sure if you have done this but you can go onto the iPhone app and as it charges it will increase the charge % on the app so you know right where its at. If its at 50% I know I have 10 or so minutes to do stuff and when it gets to around 90% I come back to where the onewheel is charging I'll watch the % increase and can unplug the second it hits 100%.

  • Yep but that requires you monitoring it yourself. ..Would be easier if I can set it up to automatically shut off the charging as soon as it hits 100%. An email from the app + a WeMo switch would do the trick.

  • I don't think you should be concerned about overcharging. FM even encourages leaving the board plugged in overnight from time to time to balance the battery cells.

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