Southwest Airlines LOST our brand new One Wheel Board

  • Don't check your board. Apparantly there is a new policy banning all self balancing boards from being checked. Who knows that though? They didn't tell us this when we checked it, and they still haven't said that to us, but i did just read in article that they banned checking them as of Dec.12 2015. We don't think this is why it's missing, we just think someone in baggage handling stole it. It was very well wrapped up and protected in the perfect size bag for it. We only rode it ONCE! This really sucks, just happened a few days ago, but if it hasn't turned up yet, we highly doubt it will...Will let ya all know if it happened to show up...just wanted to warn everyone so it doesn't happen to you too.
    Happy New Year shredderz!

  • Noooooooo! So sorry that happened... This is bad news for all of us :( What a bummer! Hope it comes up at some point. Let us know.... @heatheree707

  • @heatheree707 OMG what a nightmare!!

  • That's horrible, thieves suck!

    Been riding mine every day, and love it! Next time ride it home. Might take weeks, but you'll love every minute.

  • Solution - all baggage handlers should have their own OW to ride around the tarmac. Thieving problem solved.

  • @heatheree707 so sorry to hear that. Hopefully you'll get it back / have loss insurance on your credit card / both.

  • what a nightmare :( I hope you get it back

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