Pickup options?

  • I'm about to order one and live near San Jose/Mountain View. Can I pickup my board when it's ready?

  • @akraut Other people have posted about this and said they called OneWheel and were told no, it's just an assembly factory. Hopefully someday they'll add an actual shop.

  • Yeah, I failed at searching the first time around. Since it's so close, it'll probably only take a day to show up, anyway. Unless UPS gets confused and routes to me via Illinois like they've done in the past. :wink:

    Edit: It's in the shipping FAQ that I somehow missed, too. I promise to learn to read.

  • @akraut Sorry, I didn't mean I expected you to find that specific information in the sea of posts, some things are hard to search for... I just meant that I myself haven't contacted them about it, but I've seen other people mention it. (I read the boards religiously while I waited for my board to arrive... still do)

  • They don't let people pick up at the factory.

  • I'm in San Jose, ain't gonna happen :/

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