CES 2016

  • Excited for this years CES... Hoping there will be more "rideables" that enter the market.

    Do you guys think FM will have anything new to show this year or will continue to present the current model?

    Post here any great finds for this next week event :+1:

  • 2014 they showed prototypes and announced the Kickstarter. 2015 they had production boards on hand, gave updates on Kickstarter backer shipping and I think announced that they would start taking post Kickstarter orders online. They seemingly spent the entire year working out production and support issues with some decent firmware updates. It will be interesting to see if they announce anything new or if they try to make 2016 a solid sales and support year with the current hardware while finalizing new hardware to launch ready to ship January 2017.

  • boosted has been around longer and sold many more boards and they are still on 1st generation... I doubt FM has anything new to show

  • I agree, I can see maybe some software updates or finally releasing the Andriod app.

    But I'm more looking forward to see if there will be anything else as awesome as the OW

  • They didn't have a booth at CES. From what I understand they were their to network but not show anything new. Oh and keep those cheap Knock offf's from being there

  • @DVO Interesting, That would make sense. I could not find any info to suggest they had a booth or were even there this year. But they did they get Coverage :smile: With the whole US Marshals there and all.

  • @Dude This was definitely the most publicity the Onewheel has gotten, but now I'm afraid people are going to start asking me "Is that one of those things that got kicked out of CES?"

  • @thegreck more like "is that one of those things the Chinese are copying?"

  • @braswell Well that's the actual situation, but other people don't know that, and they always seem to jump to the worst conclusions. Like when they ask people on Onewheels if it's "a cheap knockoff of one of those hoverboards."

  • @thegreck I Doubt it. Average people don't even know about CES or what it is. All in all I think this was a good thing for Onewheel and they are on the right track. I think This community will grow and grow and the word will keep spreading in a positive way that this is "Onewheel" ....Its no Hoverboard.

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