OneWheel for Sale $1249 obo

  • I have a OneWheel that was delivered to me on 11/20/2015. I love it, but I've decided it's impractical for what I had in mind, plus, I'm almost 60 years old and took a really hard fall on the pavement:}. So, I am selling it for $1249 obo plus shipping. To make it simple, I am selling it below market cost "as is" with no returns accepted. It works great, and I probably have about 20 or 30 hours on it, not really sure of exact time. I just put it on ebay:

    Feel free to private message me with an offer!

  • Aw, man... that's too bad. I'm sure it'll sell fast. And I hope you're okay!

  • Umm.. do you mean 2015? The Kickstarter version delivered in May 2015.. so unless you are a very early adopter..

    Sorry to hear that and hope you feel better..

  • @gavinlin Yeah, thanks for noticing that. It arrived Nov 2015 and I only used it for two weeks. It's just over a month old, but has not been used since mid Decmber,

  • @wdmtaj I am going to PM you my offer.

  • This post is deleted!

  • ill take it

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