Service turn around

  • Anyone know how long it takes to get something repaired? I am hoping not 8-10 weeks.

  • FM says ~72 hours once they get the board. Waiting on mine to ship back now.

  • @lynnpreston That's not too bad. Let me know how it goes if you remember.

  • They are fast! It takes longer to ship than it takes them to repair your board. I've visited their production facility and Julian is the man. He can fix anything in less than an hour, but he is a very very very busy man.

  • @Carlo - are you almost through your second tire yet ;-)

  • Actually just got a notification that my board is on the way back to me. I'm all the way over here in Northeast Florida, so almost as far away as you can get in the continental US. I shipped my board back on 6/16. I'll be receiving it back on 7/7. So just shy of 3 weeks total turnaround time - the vast majority of which is transit time. I'm used to that by now - all the cool stuff comes out of CA :-/

  • @lynnpreston Thank you for the info. I'll be sending my board in for some minor repairs after the 4th. Sounds like you need to head west. Hahaha.... Cheers!

  • @lynnpreston haha! Not quite yet. I've been taking it easy lately lol (read: I ate it real good and lost some skin) :o

  • I sent mine in last week im in Northwest Florida supposed to arrive back tomorrow

  • Looks like mine won't hold a charge after only a week of riding... I'm bummed! Light won't even come on :(

    Not sure what happened. Guess I'll have to send it to this Julian guy. Hopefully its a fast turnaround like you guys say.... fingers crossed.

  • @MichaelW Just out of curiosity, did you happen to plug it in while it was turned on? If the power button light wont turn on and stay on when you plug the charger in, try pushing the power button. It worked for me. I hope its an easy fix.

  • Yo Thanks @jeremyschow. Unfortunately, I have a bigger problem than that I think. Green light on the board won't come on at all at this point and when I plug it in I get a blinking red on the charger cord light... Such a bummer. I sent them an email. Hope to hear back soon....

  • @MichaelW That's the same thing mine did too. What I described fixed it

  • Mine is dead. Tried everything... I'll let you guys know how the process goes...

  • As @Carlo mentioned, service turn around is very quick. Most of the time the board is away from home it spends it with the UPS folks.

    As a rule of thumb, if shipped from California, the board will get delivered next working day. If shipped from east coast, board will take 5 working days to deliver. Anywhere in between, it will take 2-5 days to get to in. Once sent back to the owner, it will take the same amount of transit time to return.

  • Anyone know what the turn around time for repairs are?

  • We are in the same boat. Sadly they took off M-Wed so it put them behind. If I closed my business for 3 days straight I would probably have a pretty upset customer base but they do things very differently out in Cali ;). I just hope I get it back before my vacation. If not it'll make 2 times in a row that shipping delays prevented me from riding down in Miami.

  • Good thing I ponied up for 2 day shipping. I'll be sure to mention that if I ever hear from them..

  • Finally my board is tracking back on Monday, the day before heading to Miami. Sadly the fender arrives on Tuesday !

  • Did you get a tracking number? They said mind was going out Tuesday, haven't heard anything..

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