FutureMotion ask U.S. marshalls to shut down imitator booth at CES (holy s***)

  • GET'M KYLE!!

  • Kyle seems a bit shaken- you can hear it in his voice. I'd be furious if it were me. What a stressful show for them.

  • Wow, that's great! I mean, competition is a good thing, but illegal knockoffs that are potentially dangerous and can explode are another issue completely, because they give the entire motorized board industry a bad name. Go Kyle!!

  • I guess they DO read these forums still :)


  • Wow, kinda intense. Im glade they Legally got the "LaW" involved and got the knock off company out of there. All these knock off hover boards are already damaging the market for small portable / ridable electronics. I agree with Kyle.

  • Maybe the clones have an android app..lol

  • Future Motion first found out about the Changzhou First International Trade product late last year, when a Onewheel user posted about it in an online forum.

    They do read our posts! :P good on them..as I've posted a few times I do fear the poor quality other fakes could / is impacting the reputation of the industry as a whole.

  • unfortunately, these chinese clone makers could care less and will continue to sell their products on alibaba and eventually, aliexpress, ebay and amazon.

    ask the solowheel how well their attempts at stopping clones went... or the phunkyduck/iohawk how well they were able to stop the invasion of the clones

  • Patent

    I wonder why that other $4K hoverboard is not infringing on the patents. Could it be that it has a single deck surrounding the wheel vs two separate decks as is described in this patent?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @tomtnt Phunkyduck and IO Hawk are clones as well, they were just the first. The "IO" on IO hawk's wheels is actually the original company's logo, the "IO" in "IO Hawk" just comes from rotating said logo 90 degrees (The original company's name escapes me at the moment but literally every hoverboard out there is the same, the only possible variation being quality control).

  • This was an amazing move by FM and I applaud them. I completely agree that low quality knock-offs and bad "hoverboard" press will ultimately create a stigma that will negatively effect the Onewheel. If FM can succeed at keeping the Onewheel image the only prevalent, unique, high quality board of its kind on the market, FM as a company as well as we the riders will greatly benefit in the long run. Competition can be great, yes, but not when an original and quality product is dragged down at the expense of cheap imitators trying to dip their fingers in the pot.

    Just today I had an epic off road ride. Everything went right. I made all the right moves and, together with my OW, I experienced a trail like I never have before. Afterwards I thought to myself, how surreal it is that I actually have the technology beneath my feet to experience something that awesome, and I felt very thankful to FM for bringing us the Onewheel.

  • I love my OW and ride it everyday. I will admit that when I 1st heard of OW, I looked for other options due to price and waiting time. Thats when I found the china version of the OW on alibaba. I believe that I was the 1st to post it here on the forum and probably the "onewheel user" the article is refers to.

    Someone correct me if i'm wrong, but the OW is not original one wheeled skateboard, in that someone had already invented it.......


    FM owns the patent to the product as far as I know, so by all means enforce the law and uphold the reputation of OW....I'm just say'n

  • @rue1013 I think you meant FM owns the patent, not owes, right? Very different meanings.

  • @thegreck you are correct sir....I have edited that. Thanks!

  • Just watch @rideonewheel on snapchat. That's all you need to see about this...

  • @forzabucks ha nice, what did they post about it??

  • @utsu video of the shutdown occurring.

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