Riding OW has made my life better...

  • Can't tell you how amazing you are, OW, THANK YOU.

    I honestly feel like I'm freakin floating.....hovering.........basically flying. It's incredible. I'm in love. Cruising through East London for the last 3 weeks has been life changing. I average 3 sessions a day, approx 3 times a week....weather sucks ass here so I'm being a little careful. I used to skateboard, then snowboarded for 6 years....stopped all that in 2005.....and now, I'm back, but this time I'm gliding 'on' the future & into the future....the structure of this invention, the gyros, the 'safe' grip, leaning capabilities are astoundingly good....you feel secure.....you feel confident! It moves with you, flowing like water on the streets, cushioning your every roll........ Thank you for making this - pretty much - perfect, method of transportation.......& i cant wait to ride it all over the world.......with unlimited battery ;-)))) hahaaaaaay! How does OW make YOU feel? Plz, share :-)

  • @icekream: since you are located in london, this may be the right thing for you: http://community.rideonewheel.com/topic/879/any-london-folk-wanna-make-a-video/2

  • @icekream OW is a medecine for me...nothing to think about when I'm riding it...just keep my mind off from all the world's trouble....

  • Agreed. Life changer for sure :)

  • If I go more than 2 days without riding, I get serious withdrawal.

  • We should make a campaign "OneWheels not Yoga"!

  • @cr4p Awesome man! Will do :-) Thanks!

  • @forzabucks hahaha i get withdrawl too.. I ride in my house..its not very big but I don't care.. The weather is getting to cold for outdoors..

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