Has anyone swapped the foot boards? Or moved sensor?

  • I'm wondering if anyone has swapped the foot boards around.. I like the sensor in the back but I want the heavy side in the back still .. Which only works if the sensor is moved to the rear deck.. I notice myself and when others ride their rear foot is straight and their front foot on an angle.. Which makes me think the sensor would be better in the back.. I also wouldn't mind an angled front sensor..

  • @njcustoms would it be easy to angle the sensor once its been removed?

  • @rue1013 I would think so.. Just peel it up and angle it..you will have to trim the grip tape though

  • yeah, ok....i was hoping you could remove the sensor from the grip tape then reposition it diagonal across.

  • Hey quick question... i noticed i spelled your name wrong but you apparently you got notification. Do you get a notification each time someone posts on this thread? or do I need the @njcustom ?

  • @rue1013 you don't need to tag someone if they started the post

  • @rue1013 the sensor isn't stuck to the grip tape. The blue rectangle area where the sensor is located doesn't have glue on it... If it did the sensor would be stuck on. So when you angle the sensor the tape has to be angled too and not stuck to the sensor..

  • @njcustom Pretty sure this would be a bit harder than just swapping them. As the electronics, and the cable to connect it all is on the "light side".
    Guess you'd have to hack some kind of cable extension to the frame for that to work.
    I still think that bigger sensor would be the best thing ;)

  • @germx it shouldnt be to hard extending the cable.. But I would much rather have a larger sensor

  • Thanks for the good info.... @njcustom

  • i want to revive this idea on the forum. i want one sensor in the front and one in the back. am i missing something?

  • @njcustom

    gotta tag you cause i like your style kid--hooahh

  • @mrb thank you! I bet the 2 sensor idea would work..

  • @njcustom

    Back sensor is a personal preference and can be done by extending the wire.

    I thought of front angled sensor pad but wasn't enough room to turn. Certainly can be done with some modification.
    But I was able to move both pads 1" further out. Working fine for me.


  • Two sensors/ larger sensor for sure

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