Lightly used Onewheel for sale - Sold

  • Bought these for use with friends, said friends relocated before these arrived. Just looking to get back what I paid for them, this'd be a good chance to skip the line. Two are new in box totally unused, $1700 each. One's like-new with under 20 miles on it and extremely light wear, $1650.

    Local pickup in the LA or OC area, please.

    Edit 1/27/16

    Both NIB's have been sold. Used OW still for sale, now asking $1600.

    Edit 1/29/16

    All 3 sold.


  • very reasonable prices, these will sell very fast.

    Could you post some more pics? Also when did your new in box order arrive?

  • Boy, I wish I was your friend xD

  • Hey!
    Are these boards still for sale? Are they located in LA? (Where?)

  • Where are you located and are they still available?

  • @utsu just over a week ago, more pics later today.

    All messages replied to, all three still for sale.

  • Hopefully only two for sale afte 1 hour or so, right? :-)

  • One sold, one NIB and the barely used OW still for sale.

    Pics of the used OW:

    3_1453533684437_20160115_113935.jpg 2_1453533684437_20160115_113918.jpg 1_1453533684437_20160115_113857.jpg 0_1453533684437_20160115_113831.jpg

  • I bought one of the new ones. The seller is a good guy.

    And now it looks bright for the shipping as well; The OW team will help me get the awesomeness to Norway! When the OW arrives, I promise pix and videos! ✌️


  • Second NIB sold, used still for sale and now $1600 flat.

  • I bought the other new one. Can confirm, seller is legit.

    Went riding immediately, so awesome! No regrets. I'm so lucky I didn't have to wait. Some cops pulled up next to me and said: We just needed a closer look, that thing is sweet!

  • All 3 sold, thanks peeps.

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