Charging times

  • Just curious to know what kind of charging times are you getting when you run your OneWheel down to 0% battery life? I just charged mine from 0% and it took 36 minutes and change.

  • @atl1wheelin mine is always on point around 20 mins.. I think charge time is always the same no matter your battery level.. Seems that way for me..

  • Damn! I don't think mine has been anywhere near 20 minutes. Wish it was...just means more beer at the bar while I wait and charge :)

  • My board has turned off while I was riding it a couple of times. From being completely off, it's taken 25-30 minutes to fully recharge.

  • Yeah I'm never at 100% after 20 min from zero but it's up there. I normally give it around 30 minutes if I want to make sure I have a full charge.

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