Scratches on your OneWheel frame rails.

  • I figured out the first day (after a few scratches) where the frame rails get damaged. That is when I thought of putting Gorilla/duct tape on the frame rail sides of the board on top and bottom. It doesn't effect the performance and it keeps your board nicer for much longer. I only wish I had known that trick sooner. Maybe at some point the guys at OneWheel will develop a plastic sticky protective piece that goes over the frame sides for protection. It would keep it nicer for longer and give it a higher resale value down the road.

    Lastly and most importantly, I had a pretty bad wreck on the pavement (It was dark and I hit a hole in the road I thought I could ride over) and because I had full pads and WRIST GUARDS i was back on the board the next day... Safety gear is a must people!

  • Thanks for the info! I just put an order for my OneWheel :) would you mind showing a picture of what you did? Thanks again

  • FWIW, I cared about scratches on mine for about a day. Once I realized the fun, utility, and ruggedness of the OW, I stopped caring about scratches. This device is meant to be ridden and enjoyed. It is not meant to be a "garage queen". Just my humble opinion. Get out there and ride. Don't sweat it.

  • Agreed Lynn! I am by no means carpet queening this thing! I ride it a couple of hours a day and personally think the beat up black gorilla tape looks pretty bad ass!

  • @MichaelW I'm actually thinking about buying another one that I ride carefully, and for show. That way I can just have fun doing whatever on the one I currently have.

  • can you please post a picture where to put tape and which tape you did use? Thank you!

  • @OneDream If you are asking me, I didn't take any pictures. I just reused the tape that was already on the board. It has started to slip again, so I'll be doing it again soon i'm sure.

  • I'll post a pic today if possible. Stay tuned. The tape is called Gorilla tape. I got the two inch wide one and ripped it in half. But the one inch may be better because you don't have to rip it down the middle like I did.

    Its awesome and even stronger than duct tape. Its black (tape color) so it looks actually cool in my opinion.

  • Here's where I put the Gorilla tape on the frame rails. The damage you see is on the tape only. I will likely replace the tape every couple weeks or so... You can also double up the tape for extra protection. FullSizeRender 3.jpg FullSizeRender 2.jpg

  • @MichaelW Thanks for the pics!!

  • To each there own. What I do with my onewheel is show enough. Given rocks and dirt get thrown up, my board has been dirty and scratched since day one. Has not bothered me in the least.

  • @818 @DVO @Wayne @Docblock @forzabucks @veryous @J-glide @OneWheel-support Ducktape brand in blue protects nicely. Had both my boards for a month and they still look sweet! I know some people think they look better banged up but I always want to keep it nice if I can. Better resale when OneWheel 2 comes out ;) Also, this tape looks pretty good don't ya think? Better than grandma's couch with plastic on it?


  • Carbon fiber wrap. Cost of materials $7image.jpg

  • Nice! Thats the first mod to OW that Ive seen that actually makes it look better than the original.

    Please explain mate! The more detail the better.

  • Holy shit @J-glide! Can I pay you to carbon wrap my boards?! Bad ass!!

  • @J-Glide uhhhh what! Did you do the wrap with a heatgun? like this-

    What a beauty.. Do you have to disassemble the OW to get the wrap on correctly? I'm terrified of taking it apart.

  • @J-Glide where'd you buy the material/how'd you put it on??

    You describing/showing off your method would be a great video idea

  • Is it removable/replaceable when the material wears, or is it permanent?

  • @J-Glide Share. Must. Do.

  • It may be too late for some people and others may just not care but here are my frame rails after 300 miles of riding. Almost no scratches after letting people ride it and flip it over at least a hundred times. This is why I tape the board with Gorilla duct tape. FullSizeRender 32.jpg

  • Doesnt gorilla tape leave glue residue anywhere it sits on the board out in the heat/sun for so long?

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