Onewheel in deep snow

  • Just found this on youtube, this thing does surprisingly well! I've seen other snow videos but never this deep.

    Owner of this on the blog??

  • Looks cool, but isn't this like riding in water? Wouldn't dare to get my OW so wet...

  • I guess it's more like as if it was raining.. well, that is, depending on the "type" of snow it is.

    edit: I was just thinking. why not modify some ski skin to achieve a more gripping driving experience when cruising on a thin layer of fresh snow..?

  • @braswell think this guy is a pro kayaker judging by some of his videos

  • I found another interesting Onewheel in snow video on Shonduras' vlog (jump to 1:40 to see more after the intro):

  • I've ridden in snow briefly and it handled well on flat or going down. My problem is that I couldn't mount back on after falling off because my shoes would get caked with snow and then so would the grip making you slip right off. Also I couldn't go up an incline as at a certain point the wheel would stop and spin forward.

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