Wheel (rubber) full with little glass pieces !?

  • Was riding in the city and noticed that after the wheel was full with little, sharp glasspieces. Some more in, some less.... Hope wouldent get a pouncher..... It seams to me that the rubber is super soft !? (Maby too soft?)

  • @hellrider It's fine, that happens. They'll work themselves out on the next ride, and be replaced by new ones.

  • @hellrider The tire has a rubber coating that will wear over time. Notice the little pock marks along the tire? Those tell you how worn that coating is. FM also puts some type of tire slime on the inside of the tires they ship so if you do get something sharp that gets through it will seal it up (up to 1/4" I think). If it does manage to go flat you have to send it to them to replace, but I haven't heard of that happening very often.

  • @Apio They do? I've seen a lot of people saying it's a good idea to slime your tire, but I haven't read that the tires come pre-slimed. Where did you see that?

  • @thegreck They are all pre-slimed. No need to do it yourself.

  • @thegreck I saw a post from FM somewhere on here that said they started sliming the tires before they left the factory, but I can't find the post at the moment. If I find it I'll update here.

  • Thats cool. I didn't know they came slimed, thats good to know. Small rocks are no big deal.

  • I found the post: http://community.rideonewheel.com/topic/18/changing-onewheel-tire/14
    They do indeed slime the tires at the factory.

  • @akraut Nice find, thanks!

    From back when OW used to take part in the forums: "We actually now seal each tire with industrial grade sealant (supposedly could seal a hole from a 9mm bullet, no joke!) before we ship it so there are additional safeguards in place."

    Pretty cool!

  • When they slime the tires they bleed. Not crazy about that. I'd rather do without myself.

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