How does OneWheel actually work?

  • Hey everyone!
    I am a high schooler and am really interested din the actual concept of OneWheel. I am confused at how the OneWheel (and two wheeled hover boards) keep you moving forwards and at the same time balance you so that you don't fall. Also, can anyone tell me the tools (Gyros/Pressure Pads/Etc) that a OneWheel board uses to calculate the speed needed, etc. Finally, how does the OneWheel go kart wheel actually get pinned (Where is the motor located).

    The reason I am asking all of this is because I am planning on creating a self balancing board of my own for educational purposes only. I am not planning on selling or mass producing my board, I am planning on creating one one board for the heck of it (and to learn).


  • They put little Gnomes inside the wheel.

  • @DVO said:

    They put little Gnomes inside the wheel.

    I knew it!!!

  • @chunibuni

    Here you can find small tutorial:

    Some theory:

    Some more:

    Motor is located in wheel. OW is using gyros and accelerometers and probably Kalman filters and PID controller. Have fun building your own version! :)

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