Just received a care package from FM

  • Came with all new stickers, and the plastic onewheel toy.

    Couldn't have come at a better time :+1: I'm sick with the flu and now can onewheel in my bed lol


  • well thats something !!!!

  • @braswell that is awesome! Great things come to those that wait.

  • Do you know why they sent you this?

  • @SC720 no but I have bought 3 boards 2 fenders, foot pads etc - also had a lot of repair back and forths with them lol

  • @braswell Lucky! I'm at 2 boards, 3 fenders, foot pads, bumpers and added a new tire while getting repaired...maybe I'm almost there. lol.

  • I ordered one board and one fender/shirt. I got one of the mini boards with the fender and another one in a care package today. I now have more mini boards than actual boards. Haha.

  • Also ordered a couple shirts so I'm into FM for around $3500 with one sticker so far. Hopefully they will be consistent with these packs. I know I waited 11+ months for my KS board and got one. Waited 3+ months for the 2nd board and no stickers. Asked them about buying more stickers a couple times and never heard back. I know others have asked also and were told no. I had to buy my own on ebay and weren't cheap. Now they are just handing out all these goodies to new orders that have had the least wait times. Ummm ok...Kinda frustrating.

  • And It is obvious that they take more care of the US costumers tooπŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

  • Now now I'm sure FM loves us all.

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