Front sensor vs rear sensor

  • I ride with front sensor, but it does feel like you could move front foot more if on back. But you also have a tendency to ride with rear foot less pressure because you need to lean forward (weight on front to forward).
    For me if feels like it would be better if front sensor was more angled / not so much but(more then -----) my front foot always has slight angle and I am afraid foot will come of sensor in extreme riding. For rougher terrain would think sensor would be better in the back?

  • I agree.
    I ride sensor front all the time, and that foot is firmly planted on the board. While the back foot is doing all kinds of stuff.
    Sometimes if I ride the other way around, when just goofing off and not commuting, I get random dives like a beginner.
    So for me personally, I'd ride with the sensor in the front no matter the terrain.

    I've said this a few times, but I'll stand by my thought about just having a bigger sensor. That way you can have your feet more angled if you like, and in any angle.

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  • @thegreck If you "purge" the post after deleting it, it won't say "This post is deleted!
    Pro tip, haha :thumbsup:

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  • @germx Yes , this may be even better idea, larger sensor towards the back of sensor in the front, (wow, did that get confusing:)) that way you wouldn't have to worry about angle of foot so much, and then when you want to get of , you rotate toe to the front of second sensor.

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