Riding on gravel

  • Hi,
    I am wondering if anyone has had any puncture issues whilst driving on gravel. When it snows here, they throw gravel on the roads and even though there is no snow here right now, they won't clear the gravel for a few months. Just wondering whether this will puncture my wheel. I have seen videos of people riding on gravel paths in the woods so I'm also wondering if this works or have people got punctures from it. Thanks for any answers

  • No issues riding on gravel except you need to push harder for speed.

  • Thanks. Im desperate to finally ride outdoors now the snow has melted.

  • I have driven on a lot of gravel and no sign of puncture or problems with the wheel
    So I think riding on gravel should do just fine :)

  • thank you, simenlier

  • @PUTTE19 Careful, snow is more manageable when you're on the board i find than the residual ice. Make sure you slow down for transitions to and from snow, ice and cement or the tire speed will vary with the traction and you might eat it. I had a pretty rough tumble today.

  • @shadowfx thanks for the tip.

  • @PUTTE19 Have been riding a lot in the city the past months. There have been heavy use of salt and gravel for the bike lanes. While the ride is less smooth ofc, the gravel isn't really a problem.

  • Yeah, gravel shouldn't impact the tires at all. It might be a little harder to control, so be careful riding. I have ridden on gravel a good bit at my parents' house, and it was fine.

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