@lmuraro TERRAIN HAZARDS The Gemini firmware makes the OneWheel a very stable and predictable ride but there a a few hazards you should look out for. Parallel cracks, bevels & uneven asphalt levels. On trails, roots, rocks or sticks aligned in the same direction as your travel. The OneWheel can handle perpendicular inconsistency just fine, even coming off a curb is easy. Running over sticks across your path, no problem. But a crack or uneven surface that is is the same direction as your travel is very tricky. You will quickly be pitched to either toe or heel side. Getting caught by something like this by surprise can be painful. Watch for these hazards. Another good reason to use a headlamp at night. That’s about it. If you can think of any more good advice for new riders please contribute below. Good suggestions, and I will add that you can't trust grass. Now I know a few folks I've said that to say, "but you ride in the grass" and this is true but I either know the terrain, or the grass is very short. Tall grass is a terrain I would avoid. Leaves wet, or dry can be hazardous too early on. Loose material like decomposed granite, wood chips on play grounds etc can also be wreck inducing.