I'm in! Holy crap that hub was hard to take apart. It was pretty tight but I eventually managed to break it lose after plenty of oil and destroying a few bits of spare wood to act as a dampener when hammering the axle out. Once whatever was stuck came loose I was able to push it through all the way with just my thumbs. Looks like one bearing is utterly shot. It's got loads of play in it, enough that I can wobble the plate against the axle with the bearing seal being the bit that moves. Trouble is it won't come off. Since it's 6PM I'll hold off bringing out the big guns to rip it off but tomorrow it's coming off! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1OPNpuGkf0 The scrapes on the hub wasn't me, that was the Van! Same side as the suspected dodgy bearing so makes sense. Under close inspection it looks like there is some corrosion on one of the stator cores along with matching rust blobs on some of the magnets within the hub. Doesn't bother me too much as I'll just clean it off. Outside of that I think this might be a simple bearing swap... I hope. Any recommendations on new bearings? Obvious choice seems to be Craft&Ride but curious if anyone has a special brand they use instead?