Have some more pics, nearly done the controller housing (MK11... I probably spent as much prototyping as I would have just buying a working board lol) Here it is in the real world. CAD drawings aren't any good unless you can turn them into a physical object. Why have I not yet put it in the Pint? Well the big heat sink won't reach the PCB to draw heat away yet. Currently I'd need a 2.5-3mm thick thermal pad to bridge the gap since the standoffs (made to spec) raise the board. I've got a 2mm thick aluminium sheet coming so I can place that in the gap I left creating a physical pad reaching up to touch the PCB (between a thermal pad like stock) Once that arrives I'll cut it down, attach it to the top of the 3mm plate with the spacer surrounding it (hence the cutout in the top print shown earlier). Once complete as I probably mentioned before I'll be uploading the CAD, BOM and some instructions on how to make one too. Kept it in the realm of possibility for anyone with basic tools... excluding that M20x1.5 tap which isn't common... shush they're cheap :)