I bought a gently used but fully loaded XR to start with and the gal I got it from mentioned she had learned on a Pint and that the Pint had the same motor so I started thinking if thats the case I wanted both and I bought a new pint for $850 but I'm adding $350 in protective parts before I ride it, I am very happy having both because I will ride in my warehouses probably using the Pint and once I'm more confident I know I'll want to rip around on the XR ! I now have both boards and a full line of Triple 8 safety gear plus Klim full padded motorcycle / (snowmobile helmet) gear if its really cold I still have not ridden one yet but I have no regrets in buying them and I am very excited to start riding, btw I'm 59 and glad to hear I'm in good company with all you guys

PS if anybody has a Carbon-Smith coupon code I can put it to good use lol