Riding tips - so you can be better than your friends...

  • What gear do I need to ride this beast?
    The ground is hard. It's crucial that you wear a helmet at all times while riding Onewheel. One more time. Wear a helmet!!! We also find wrist guards extremely useful (we use them for ALL of our testing!) and recommend any combination of knee and elbow pads that make you feel comfortable. Flat bottomed shoes are also recommended.

    What do I need to know before I get started?
    Know that you are about to step into a whole new world of riding awesomeness.

    Past that, it's really important to understand the pressure sensitive pad, Onewheel's rider detection system. There are two pressure sensitive areas of the board on the front foot pad outlined by the two blue squares. They tell the board when a rider is present so make sure you are engaging those pads when you want to board to go and to disengage those pads when you want the board to stop.

    Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 11.54.24 PM.png

    I'm ready! How do I turn this badboy on?
    You can power your Onewheel on by pressing the button on the side of your frame-rail. When your board is on, the power button will emit a blue pulse, or heartbeat indicating battery charge. The more frequent the pulse, the more charged the board. Your power button can also communicate error codes. Error codes will appear in blinking sequences instead of a pulse or 'heartbeat'. Check out our Technical Support page for the full rundown on error codes.

    How do I get up?
    First make sure that your weight is focused on both pressure sensitive areas on the front foot pad (outlined by the two blue squares). If your weight is not triggering both of these sense pads, the board will not engage at level. Come to level slowly (always think forward) and the board will engage at level. We recommend hanging on to a friend the first couple times.

    Here's a quick tutorial video to check out:

    Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 6.47.09 PM.png

    I'm up, now what?
    To get you going stand tall, apply light constant pressure and look where you want to go. Think about leaning with your hip and shoulder instead of pushing with your feet. Your weight will follow your eyes so look where you're going. Even when you're turning, always think forward! Trust us, you will make it around.
    Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 12.12.10 AM.png

    How do I get going and carve those juicy turns like they do in the videos?
    Just like any other sport, practice, practice, practice. Our customers are going to take Onewheel places we’ve never imagined. For most riders, getting the basics only takes a few rides. From there, it’s a matter of putting in the time to ride more aggressively and become comfortable in different riding locations and conditions.

    IMG_8691.JPG Our engineers Julian and Dan hard at work

    How do I get off?
    To dismount, you must come to level and then disengage at least one of the pressure sensitive areas (outlined by blue squares). You can do this by shifting your toe or lifting your heel. Please note that the board will only stop with one sense pad disengaged if you are traveling slower than 0.5mph. Aggressive riders will occasionally come off of one of the sense pads in a deep heel or toe side carve so we designed the system to remain active with single pad engagement at speed, but deactivate once your slow down. If you come off both sense pads the board will stop immediately. Remember, if you ever get into a pickle ditch the board and jump off (two feet at a time)!

    Here's a quick tutorial video to check out:

    Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 12.49.09 AM.png

    My board is pushing me back, what's going on?
    You are experiencing what we call ‘pushback’. Pushback is a speed modulation feature that lifts the nose of the board in order to slow the rider down. Pushback kicks in at 10 mph and prevents the rider from leaning forward to accelerate. Some folks have a tendency to fight the pushback by leaning forward to counter it. Just remember you will not slow down until you give into the pushback and allow the board to push you back. If you'd like to go a bit faster you can switch your board over to Extreme Shaping which will allow you to ride without experiencing pushback until you reach higher speeds.

    What happens when I run out of battery?
    Your board will warn you that it is low on charge with extreme pushback telling you "hey, it's time for some juice!". Plug your board into the Ultra-Charger and you should be good to go in 20 minutes!

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