Anyone else instantly fall off a skateboard after riding onewheel non-stop?

  • Playing around with my kids tonight I hopped on my skateboard for the first time since I got onewheel. I'm not a huge skater but I'm proficient so I was taken back when my brain was totally confused as to why I wasn't moving forward with a slight lean. I even just fell off right away. I got the hang of it again pretty quick but wasn't expecting that.

    Reminds me of a Ted talk of a guy who changed a bikes steering to be the reverse of normal steering and how it was impossible for anyone to ride it that way. After much practice, he was able to ride it with reverse steering but what he didn't expect was that he no longer could ride a bike with regular steering.

  • I've forgot about all my skate boards since I got this damn thing!

    I'll try to skate tomorrow and see how weird it's gonna be lol.

  • I have to be REALLY careful when I hop by on one of my "regular" powered skateboards (which I rarely do now that I have a OW). It's a totally different feeling and experience. I feel like I can't turn a regular skateboard fast enough. My Carver un-powered skateboard with the C7 front truck feels the most like the OW, but still very different.

  • @Franky That's an awesome tech talk, btw... everyone should watch it:

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