The best shoes for riding?

  • @lynnpreston Very good to know!

  • I've been using Vans. Started with Nike sneakers, but I seem to have easier dismounts with the Vans. Both were sore when I first started, but got better with time (don't think I was relaxing as much as I should when first riding).

  • For street riding I've been making sure my lead foots toes are hanging over the front of the board so that my weight is totally off the front of that foot and mostly back on the heel. Then my back for is more evenly centered on the board.

    This seems to give me good carving control while keeping my feet from cramping up as I keep relaxed and just lean to move.

    Lat night after four miles straight my feet were just slightly aching vs feeling cramped or numb.

  • Maybe my size 10 feet just aren't big enough then to do what you do @Franky

  • Switched from Vans to Caterpillar trainers and my soles are singin'.

  • I think my experience is similar to @dicorci @lynnpreston.

    For me, though, I started off wearing my regular skateboard shoes. I found the board hard to control because they are pretty loose, and so my foot would move around in the show instead of controlling the board. Also, my feet would cramp up, I think because I'm scared to move them around (well, at least the sensor one) while I ride, lest I turn the board off.

    I think tried my New Balance Minimus super-lightweight shoes... they are awesome! They are really snug, so when I move my foot, the board moves. But they are also so thin that I a great feel for the board and I get much less soreness and cramping. They feel great!

  • @kbern I seem to have less foot cramping now, but a new issue and think you had the same issue. Now I'll get like sore toes the next day or so if I go on a long ride. I'm guessing my foot is moving around too much like yours in the shoe. I'll check these out, thank you!

  • @kbern Yes, loose shoes = sore feet for me. Tightly laced Vans seem to work best.

  • I've worn every type of shoe on this at some point...even golf spikes! I can say without a doubt, the best feeling is when I wear my Nike SB shoes. There's a reason skateboarders wear these and you get a much better feel on the board, as well as support.

    I wear a lot of Nike flyknit shoes as well (roshe, lunars, etc) as those are generally what I wear to work or the gym, and while they work well, they are definitely not as good for OW as wearing the SB shoes.

  • For those who commute to work, I have found Sperry's work awesome! They are flat with the small water tread which grips pretty well and all the while being safe as work atire in an office.

  • I am finding the more I ride, the less my feet hurt regardless of my footwear. I think as my comfort/trust/skill increases my feet are relaxing and more of my steering is coming from my hips.

  • think I'm finally getting there too doc.

  • old bedroom slippers got nasty from riding; had to toss em

    figured i would try and ride in other shoes now that i'm more familiar with the board...

    it was awful

    13$ at walmart and i'm back baby

  • @dicorci photo of you rocking those slippers please!

  • I love my checkered vans slip-ons!

  • Spent all day in these… 😎image.jpg

  • for those that doubt it

  • hahahhahaah ahhh man, the commentary made that better. hahhahahaa I'm still laughing.

  • Started out with regular sneakers with deep tread and cushioned inner soles. You can imagine how that went, super comfortable until the sensor failed to detect the shoe and I was face down on the asphalt.

    Switched to Vans, no sensor issues anymore but they are not comfortable, after an hour riding my feet hurt.

    Maybe I should get some gangsta bedroom slippers.

  • I wear flat Vans skate shoes. Works perfect!

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