Save a few hundred or buy direct?

  • So my buddy's buddy has one for sale its only two months old with nothing wrong with it but a few scratches if i buy it from him will it still be covered under the worrenty if so how long is the worrenty? I might just wait and spend a few more hundred and buy it directly any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Warranty is transferable and lasts 12 months from when it is registered. You will need to contact onewheel and re-register in your name. I sometimes want a fresh new onewheel and have to remind myself that I would immediately cause it all kinds of cosmetic grief. The scratches effect the performance of the board 0%.

  • The scratches are not a variable in my mind since it won't take long to scratch up a new board. For me this comes down to the saved cash, minus two months warranty, and not having to wait. If you care about getting something brand new that will only be yours, scratches and all, then wait....otherwise enjoy the extra cash and buy your friends board now.

    While waiting, I was constantly watching Ebay sales and even bid once only to be outbid. I was happy though to get a brand new board even though I waited forever for it.

  • It all depends on how much you want to spend...If money is not a factor then obviously order yourself up a shiny new board and it will be worth the wait..especially since its around 4-5 weeks these days and not 12. You will probably scratch the hell out of it in the first few days so expect that but who cares.

  • I scratched up my new board really really bad in the first 2 days already. So shiny new board will only be shiny for a couple hours I would say. But no matter what you decide, GET THE BOARD!!!!

  • Its going to get scratched. Don't worry about that at all. I say buy your Buddys board. Go have Fun !!!

  • He sold it already before I got my taxes on Friday o well i won one on ebay for 1200.cant wait to get it but after my 15 year old son rides it then i have a feeling im gonna have to buy another one witch will be cool gives us something else to do to get shoes and pads and i gotta get one of those carbon fiber finders!.thanks guys for your input much appreciated!

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