turn off "lock" turn on "unlock" from app

  • would it be impossible to add a lock/unlock feature in the app in order to prevent random people turning off and turning on the onewheel that way the only way it will be able to work is by entering your passcode from the app?

  • I really like this idea! Maybe they could sell a specialized lock that also connects to the app and you can unlock everything at once. Would be very convenient.

  • I have been thinking of that. I brought my OW to school and while I wasn't watching some idiots took my board and started riding it in the hallways, luckily for me someone saw it and told me. At that point a locking system would be really handy

  • Now that the Android App is out, I definitely think this would be a great added feature. This would make me more comfortable with locking up my OW with a U-lock somewhere. If they successfully take it off, then find out it's a paperweight, that would be excellent

  • Physical lock is probably most important because I'd think most thieves would run with it anyway. A software lock would be handy though for keeping people from playing around with it.

  • love the idea; would also help that the kids don't take the OW whichout knowing.

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