Battery lasting 20-30mins

  • Hey guys, I've had my one wheel 3 days. Day one I drove to work (3miles) was awesome!.. Driving home (3 miles) but more hills.. It didn't make it home it did maybe 2 miles before dying.

    Today I went for an appointment so drove the onewheel.. It's 15 mins down the road.. Not super hilly.. And it's down to 50% already!, after maybe 15 mins max :/

    I have been charging it for 20mins till it hits 100%.. Should I be charging longer?. I followed the manual. Maybe 20mins isn't sufficient?

    Maybe the battery is defective?.

    Thanks for any input.


  • @mlnngtonseattle How cold is it where you are? From my experience, my range decreases the colder it is outside. For now, id suggest you keep riding it and monitoring the battery/range. Over the next few days, try to leave it on the charger all night for a night and see if that helps balance the battery cells out. If it's still not up to par after a week or so, then you might have to send it back!

  • Hey thanks, ill give that a shot and see if it makes any difference :).

    btw its kinda cold here 40degrees F... but nothing too crazy.


  • math:

    Typical range: 6-7 miles

    Ride that thing at top speed of 14 mph = 20-30 minutes! 14mph*0.5hr = 7 miles

  • @mlnngtonseattle, I have a few different things to consider.

    1. You need to make sure the battery is charging after you plug in by watching the LED on the charger brick and making sure it turns red. If it turns red then you know it is charging. If it stays green then press and hold the power button in until the LED on the charger brick turns red.

    2. You might not get 100% battery in 20 minutes. Sometimes it takes up to 30 minutes for a full charge.
      If you verified the charger brick LED turned red after plugging it, then you can watch for the LED to turn green to know you are at 100%. Also, if you have the ios app, you can view settings to see exactly what percentage your battery is at. So if your in a hurry and the LED is still red you can see if you are at least close to charged before taking off.

    3. Check your tire PSI and make sure you are anywhere from 15-21 PSI depending on your preference. The higher the PSI, the more bumpy your ride will be but also the higher distance(range) you will be able to ride on a single charge.

    4. It has not been confirmed exactly, but 40 degree weather appears to lower the distance per charge you can ride. I rode all summer and typically got about 6 miles on a full charge. I' went for a couple rides around 40 degrees last week and it seemed like the battery percentage was dropping much faster than it did all summer. That said, I just had gotten my board back from getting fixed and on each ride I got low battery pushback at 30% on the first ride and 10% on the second ride. So I'm not sure if there is something wrong with my board still or if the premature low battery pushback and lower range were caused by the cold.

  • hi guys, sorry to hijack the conversation but has anyone ever though about an external battery pack to recharge the onewheel whilst you're out and about?

  • It's been discussed in other posts and there are some good options. I'd be interested in hearing some follow up reviews. I've stopped buying extra batteries for devices since I typically don't end up using them enough.

  • @Franky really? where ? :) would be really interested!

  • @Franky @claytonmelburn
    If you haven't already, check out
    Where we have some actual feedback on one of these for the first time (I think).

  • @germx thanks man!

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