Charger light goes green then red alternativly after charge (30 min.)

  • Hope its no big deal , but my charger after a supposed charge (25 min. approx) the light will turn to green , but after a few moments as I'm reaching to unplug it goes back to red light ,then repeats if I leave it on . Its only the second time ever charging it . Pleas advise ?

  • @luvmy1wheel I have had this happen as well. If you leave it plugged in after it's finished with the charging, it might go red for a little while from time to time.
    Now I'm not 100% sure how the charger works, but I always thought that this is the charger balancing the battery. Just a guess.
    Nothing to worry about in any case. As long as the red light doesn't stay on for long, there should be nothing wrong.

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