On it's way back home (For those who ever have to get repairs)

  • Sent the OW off for repairs. Emailed on Jan 16. Got a reply on Jan 18. Shipped on Jan 20. After sending a picture of the problems, they confirmed it needed to be sent back. They sent a barcode for shipping. It took about six or seven days to get to factory. Repair turnaround was less than a week. Shipped back Monday, Feb. 1.

    Now, I shipped from Alabama, which is almost all the way across the country, so shipping took longer than the actual repair. Overall, I was very happy with the support. I hope everyone who has problems with their boards has the same experience, but I know that will not always be the case. I am hoping that as the company expands, they will be able to have repair centers and authorized dealers in other parts of the country, which should further expedite the process.

    I wanted to share this for those of you who might one day go through the trauma of having a board break down. As bummed as I was, I had faith that the company would take care of me and my investment, and I think that they did.

  • @hekkubus Hey man - good to hear....not sure where in Bama your at but we got a small crew in Atlanta that rides single track on the weekends right near the hooch. Join us if you ever get over this way.

  • Good to hear that the turn around was fast! I've certainly had both fast and slow. Hopefully they are getting more and more efficient.

  • @atl1wheelin I'm in Auburn/Opelika area, so just about 1 1/2 hours away. Not a bad drive...until you get into Atl.

  • Good to hear some have had good experiences, mine hasn't been so good.

    I ordered mine in November. It came about 6 weeks later. It worked for a day, then died. Completely un-responsive mechanically. Sent it back. Now we're up to 3.5 months since I ordered, still don't have a working OneWheel.

    I got to say they put salt in the wound this morning when they sent out an email saying they were now shipping immediately from stock. So I would have been better off waiting 3 months to order, really?!?!?

    Hopefully I get a working one soon.

  • @Chriz Sorry to hear that, but that's the chance we take and the price we pay as early adopters. But we're also the ones who help to build great companies like Future Motion into ones that can make even better products by investing in them early on.

  • @atl1wheelin I live in Dunwoody and just got the One Wheel. Would love to come out and ride with you. Please give me some details. Thanks

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