Few suggestions to make this better

  • @germx You dont want them to slide uncontrollably, but you also dont want them to have more friction than necessary either. IMO this could be designed to have just the right amount of traction/ to speed ratio so that you could take it into a controlled slide if you wanted to. Same as carving is used to reduce speed in snowboarding, or power sliding is used in longboarding. That is the type of control that is possible IMO. Its all about testing many different designs and seeing what works and feels the most natural.

    I do think a wheel change would make all the difference in the way this thing rides. This current wheel is forcing you to stay upright around corners, where if it was more like a motorcycle wheel you would be able to put your body in a much more horizontal position at faster speeds around corners.

  • @bryphi77 "Same as carving is used to reduce speed in snowboarding, or power sliding is used in longboarding."

    ...or regenerative braking is used in OneWheeling. You're comparing non-motorized vehicles to a motorized one. Slowing down on a OneWheel is just as easy as speeding up, no need to slide anywhere and make it more dangerous.

  • @thegreck said:

    ...or regenerative braking is used in OneWheeling.

    Yeah, but that is not the most natural motion when going around a corner at fast speeds, what I am getting at is there is always going to be a point where speed overpowers traction, and at that point you should be in a stable enough position to have a controlled slide.


  • Keep in mind if you switch to a wheel profile like a sport bike it will cause you to let the board go much further out from underneath you during high speed turns... much more like snowboarding or surfing.

    The fact that there would be less weight directly over top of the board during high speed turns makes sliding much more likely to happen... but it would still be controllable, and it would allow you to corner at much higher speeds than the current models tire.

    I am going to post one more design mod at some point... It is totally different design, but it still may give them an idea or two. I just really want to see other designs tested. I do think this type of transport and sport are here to stay. There is really no reason not to test many different designs to get the most refined ride possible.

  • @bryphi77 :
    I agree with most of your design suggestions and would really appriciate them as I think you did some great work here.
    However, there are two points that I disagree:

    1. the wide slick tire is awesome, please do not change that. before I owned a board I also thought that this tire would be the wrong design for the reasons you mentioned. but after I rode it in different conditions (especialy offroad) i have to say that this tire works completly different compared to what i thought - I think it is perfect.
    2. whatever you do, do not lower the clearance. instead raise it a lither bit! (a slightly larger diameter of the tire would be aprecciated). again, when it comes to offroad capabilities, you can really need as much clearance as possible.

  • @bryphi77 regarding the changing of the tire: wouldn't that only make sense if the board were to ride much faster? cause as a casual longboard rider (40 mph) and a snowboard addict (50 mph), those types of boards do get much faster than the onewheel's comfortable 15 mph. and i'm not quite sure if riding more than 20 mph would make sense on ONE wheel. the chance of eating concrete is WAY higher on a onewheel than say a longboard..

  • @chabis said:

    not quite sure if riding more than 20 mph would make sense on ONE wheel. the chance of eating concrete is WAY higher on a onewheel than say a longboard..

    Even at slower speeds with no chance of sliding a different wheel would make it much closer to snowboarding, and a much more natural ride, and give much more traction around curves.

    The speed at which it slides would be determined by the tire and the design. Ideally you only want enough traction for as fast as you are planning on going, and if you go slightly over that speed than you may get some slippage.

    But whatever that speed is you should be in a stable enough position that it does not cause an immediate crash.

    I will say that what I am envision as an ideal riding machine requires gloves and a helmet to feel safe. So figure 25 mph top speed.

  • @bryphi77 i agree that a different tire/wheel most probably would make a difference in that it would change the type of ride significantly. though, having ridden that beast for three weeks now i have to tell you: it's pretty d*** close to a ride on a snowboard on powder and it's agility is quite high. but i don't think that's what it should be about - substituting or imitating another boardsport but on concrete, that is. (just my personal opinion on the matter). it's something different, a different sport :) and if someone want's the feeling of snowboarding on pavement, he or she should check out this: http://www.freebord.com. Talking from expereience: that's indeed VERY close to snowboarding on the pavement..

    you're right about the position and speed issue though. i also think that there's room for improvement, there always is. not to say that this machine already works AMAZINGLY. and i really like your way of progressive thinking. the designs you came up make sense to me. especially the lowering of the footpads below the centre of the wheel (although i can see that this would require an adaption of the tire since it would result in less clearance which is obviously needed as pointed out by others...) and the concave footpads. i'm currently exploring a realisation of those.. got an idea on how to achieve them (which would result in more grip whilst doing thight curves).. did you already get around to order a board yourself? i'm pretty sure that would give you a more insightful perspective on how this already pretty perfect machine works. and it would explain lots to you that others pointed out, that is basically unexplainable if you've never ridden a onewheel before.. and i can also tell you, as much as i like the onewheel being improved i like this version a lot and will keep riding it :D

  • @chabis That freebord looks amazing. I would never buy it, but it looks really cool. I can't count the amount of times that I fell when snowboarding, but at least that was on snow. And I don't feel like hurting myself that bad ^^.
    Time on snowboard: ~20 hours
    Falls on snowboard: +100
    Time on onewheel: 80-100 hours
    Falls on onewheel: 1
    Do I want it to be more like snowboarding? No.

  • @germx I agree, this with a proper tire would be a much better option than a free board. This is much more natural... I can see maybe getting a freebaord for novelty purposes to get that carving feeling on the street, but thats not the type of sliding I am talking about in my past few post. I am talking about having it handle like a sport bike with plenty of traction unless you go to fast around a tight corner.

  • @chabis I have seen the freeboard, but I think this is much more natural. Freeboard is more like snowboarding in that turning does slow you down. I am more interested in proper heel to toe motion than I am in sliding. Sliding should only happen at extremely high speed tight corners... Where the freeboard is almost always sliding to a degree.

    I guess what I am saying is with a road bike tire it would allow you to go much more sideways on turns, and the motion would be much closer to snowboarding, but with more traction. Snowboarding motion with street bike traction...

  • Throwing in an upvote for heel to toe concave. That was my first thought after about 2 minutes riding one.
    I actually ordered some CrabGrab rails to put on the toe and heel to get the same effect. I'll report back after they arrive.
    There is a guy in another thread that's milling some concave footbeds now. Hope it turns out well!

  • the Leif skateboard is an electric version of the freeboard it would seem. Looks really fun. http://youtu.be/F52csYuVjMY

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