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  • After seeing Onewheel on CNN, I immediately started saving for it. It'll be several months before I have enough money, but I'm already thnking about how much the Onewheel actually costs. I know that I'm going to need a helmet and wrist guards, but what else might end up increasing the price tag?
    Did any of you eventually end up buying a bag, a charging port plug, a lock, a fender, bumpers, wrap, or any other accessories I haven't read about or thought of? If so, any estimates as to how much more it cost you?

    I'd also appreciate any advice. I'm a high schooler in Long Island, near New York City. Anyone know the law regarding items like this here? It's frustratingly vague.

  • You don't need anything else but the fendor makes a big difference.

  • These were the most important things for me. The film really helps keep your board looking new, because it will get dinged up really quickly:

    Helmet ($45):

    Wrist Guards ($23):

    Charging port cover / NDM Dummy Plug (67¢):

    Black Carbon Fiber Vinyl Film ($6.50 for enough film for 3 applications): http://amzn.to/1KyZuUa

    Application of carbon fiber film video tutorial:

    And the laws on things like this are super vague everywhere because they're so new. I feel like in time they will have to make them legal because they're an environmentally conscious form of commuting.

  • And I'm not sure how I forgot this, it's one of my prized possessions right now. I also got one of @njcustom 's custom magnetic carbon fiber fender (mine was the matte black version). HIs is a little more expensive than the one you can buy through Future Motion, but it's worth it. It's much more durable, and it also pops right off when you don't need a fender. And I think it looks amazing.

    Fenders are great if you plan to use your Onewheel to commute and you don't want to get your work or school clothes sprayed by whatever crap flies off the wheel. And I'm using it even when it's not wet out, because even the stuff that comes off of normal asphalt can mess up your shoes fast:


  • Thanks for all the great links and advice!
    About that custom fender:
    How much is that fender? And how does it attach, that makes it easier to remove than the standard fender? Is it secure? Also, how do I go about getting one? Do I just email the guy who makes them, or is there a web page?

    Anyway, thanks for all the help!

  • @Student-Rider Much like Betelgeuse, you can summon him by shouting his name three times like this:
    @njcustom @njcustom @njcustom!
    Then he will appear and explain it all to you.

    But it's actually as simple as to check out his sale-thread over here: http://community.rideonewheel.com/topic/827/magnetic-carbon-fiber-fenders-for-sale-here

  • @Student-Rider Oh, one last thing that I bought that I feel was a good purchase, and I still wear them whenever I ride, was a good pair of impact shorts. I wiped out once and fell on my side on the asphalt. The shorts, wrist guards, and helmet all saved me a lot of pain. http://amzn.to/1SCLlrU

    And I can say the custom fender is great. Stays put while riding, and is easy to pop off and put back on. Read through that thread... you'll see lots of satisfied customers.

  • You will need a fake id so when your out of juice you can go to the bar and recharge and enjoy a pint! :)

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