Night riding

  • I've got to say one of the biggest things I did not expect was how bright the lights are at night. I thought the lights would be a nice safety feature but I had no idea I'd be able to easily ride at night. Now pretty much every night I go for a cruise in the dark after the kids are in bed. Once again it just shows how versatile onewheel is.

  • I gotta agree man. The only time I can ride in AZ 90% of the time in the summer is at night when I don't melt. I still miss stuff here and there once in a while, like a pot hole or something, but it's impressive when you go down a dark street and you're illuminating so much of it. Also makes me feel safer when a car does come around.

  • i wish the lighting controls were more than just on off

    someting like


  • Using the app, you could change the voltage to the LEDs like a dimmer. That'd be rad. Like a slider on your phone.

  • Considering that the board does dim the lights now when you don't touch the sensor, that shouldn't really be that hard to add.

    About the night riding, I found that because of the angle of light, it's really good for detecting bumps in the road.

  • don't the lights already dim off and on when you change direction? should be very easy to add a manual dim to the app.

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