Onewheel accelerates without reason & self balance gone

  • I have owned the board for a week and have ridden it everyday. Yesterday however, while cruising in classic mode down my very smooth street, the board started to accelerate uncontrollably and when I would shift my weight back to try and brake, the self balance function was nonexistent so I literally was just balancing on the wheel flying down the road until I could bail in a neighbors lawn. I turned the board off and back on and it happened 3 more times. Is there something wrong with my board? Why would it do this? I rode it in the rain a day ago, but the board barely got wet. Because it's sealed I wasn't worried. Is it possible the rain screwed it up?

  • Is it fully charged? Sounds like it ran out of charge on you. If not, you will likely need to mail it back.

  • @OnewheelFlorida The sudden acceleration sounds like push back. It's telling you you're going too fast and was attempting to shift your center of balance backwards on the board by accelerating (sounds counter-intuitive, but that's really the only way a one-wheeled vehicle can slow you down... if it slowed the wheel, you would instantly crash).

    I'd suggest forgetting about classic mode, as it's actually more dangerous for most people. Just put it in extreme mode and try again.

  • @Willy it had nearly 80% charge when this happened.
    @thegreck thanks for the feedback. I have actually never encountered the "push back" so maybe that's exactly what was happening. I noticed when I rode home on the sidewalk, not going fast, the board never acted up. However, when I went to the street and accelerated past what I assumed was 8mph, the boarded seemed unstable and faster. I read about pushback but had no idea what it would feel like. Do you think that was it? I will try the board in extreme mode this afternoon, per your recommendation, and see how it goes. I was just hesitant to try the "extreme mode". The title doesn't typically sit well with beginners ha ha. If there is one thing I have learned it's to have respect for this board!

  • @OnewheelFlorida I agree with @thegreck. This is exactly what happens when you accelerate beyond the pushback. Seems to happen to most people (myself included) when you start to get comfortable with the board and begin to push its limits. Go for extreme and you wont be so limited by the board.

  • @OnewheelFlorida I know what you mean about the name, but ignore that... it's just a name. Extreme mode mainly just allows you to go faster before getting pushback. Classic mode seems to mess a lot of people up, because they won't even be going fast, then suddenly they get pushback. If you're just careful about your speed, Extreme mode is the best way to learn.

  • If the gyro's fail while moving there is no balancing it yourself, you will simply nosedive.. This sounds possibly like user error..

  • @OnewheelFlorida Been there, done that. Except you're lucky you hit the lawn. I crashed in my neighbor's driveway.

    Were you riding with the foot sensors in the front or back when this happened?

  • @thegreck & @SC720, thank you both for the feedback. Can't wait to get home and try the new setting. I'll be sure to report back and let you know.

    @Code-ster I have been riding with the foot sensor in the front.

    You guys are the best. I really appreciate it! I live on the east coast of FL and have been sharing the onewheel with lots of people. It's good to learn more about it's functionality. If you guys are interested, follow spacecoastonewheel on instagram and twitter.

    Again, thanks so much!! I'll be in touch soon.

  • @OnewheelFlorida No problem! I learned so much from the people on these forums even before my OneWheel arrived, I'm happy to be able to give back.

    And once you move to Extreme mode, you'll need to be very conscious of the max speed of the OW and don't try to push past it or you'll be sorry!

    I would read this post:

    @ashewheeler truly knows his stuff, and this advice really helped me a lot in my continuing quest to master this thing.

  • @OnewheelFlorida Ok that puts my theory to rest finally, thank you. I was riding with the sensor in back when I crashed and I always wondered if it played a role. I've switched to sensor in front and have never had that problem on my board again. But considering my crash also happened the first week (in Extreme mode) I agree with everyone that it's a newbie user error being unfamiliar with pushback and the limitations of the board. Be advised, this can still happen in Extreme mode, just at a much higher speed(20+mph), as was my experience. But the more you ride the better you will know your board and you will learn how to respond safely to pushback.

  • @Code-ster thanks for the update. Yeah, I'm not so sure I'll be going 20mph just yet, but I have noticed on my Apple Watch Onewheel app that I have hit 10mph in the classic setting, which would enable the pushback.

  • @OnewheelFlorida Even in Extreme mode you should experience pushback before you reach 20mph. But as you've seen, the board accelerates rapidly if you fight against the pushback instead of slowing down, and you'll be well above 20mph in no time at all which is a shitty place to be when you decide it's time to get off the board.

  • Most errors like this tend to happen because the board should be in Extreme Mode.

  • Hey Everyone, let me first say thank you for all of your inputs. I followed your recommendation and am happy to report the Onewheel operated perfectly!! I have to say, I was pretty nervous having had a few close calls the night before with losing control, but you all were spot on!! I activated Extreme mode and cruised around for a good 40 minutes pushing the board harder than I have yet and it performed wonderfully! Thanks again everyone!!! Stoked to be part of the Onewheel family!

  • @OnewheelFlorida Great to hear...No need to ever go back to classic now. Extreme does have its limits like classic and the same result will happen just at a higher speed so still be careful. I learned the hard way before I wore wrist guards and speed wobbled my way into a very fast face to face with asphalt. Was picking gravel out of my palms for days!

  • Classic mode should be banned. That shit is dangerous... lol...

  • It's odd though. I only ever rode classic the first few times, and this was back in 1.0 (where extreme had no pushback, hence the name probably).
    But back then i felt the pushback of classic to be severely extreme, and pushed the board so much and suddenly, that I basically lost control because of the pushback. Obviously I join the choir saying extreme is much better than classic.

    I however had an incident the other week, where my board had reverted to classic. I'm riding 2.0 (only updated the board once) and I've never tried that classic mode before. And I can honestly say that it wasn't bad. I mean sure, the top speed was very low, and the high pushback made it feel almost as if the emergency pushback had been activated. But it was never as sudden or dangerous as I remeber.
    The question is how much this is because of the software changes, and how much it's because I've ridden the thing for a year now.

  • @thegreck said:

    @OnewheelFlorida I know what you mean about the name, but ignore that... it's just a name. Extreme mode mainly just allows you to go faster before getting pushback. Classic mode seems to mess a lot of people up, because they won't even be going fast, then suddenly they get pushback. If you're just careful about your speed, Extreme mode is the best way to learn.

    I've ridden in classic ever since I got the board, with the exception of when I rode on the beach. I was getting pushback, and the back end kept dipping down, forcing me to ride with the nose farther up than I wanted to go. Turned it on extreme mode, and it was fine the rest of the time.
    I've not been brave enough to ride in extreme, but maybe it's just a state of mind.

    Last night I was riding on finished concrete, and I watched the app to see how fast I was moving. I was getting up to about 10 mph before I felt pushback. It could have been around 8-9, but it was still pretty fast (for me) before I felt pushback.

  • @hekkubus For me, personally, I feel that while getting to know your board and learning how to ride it, it's best to experience the actual limitations right from the start instead of getting used to false limitations and then being afraid to go past a certain point when you finally make the switch to Extreme mode. But everyone learns in their own way.