Sidewalk or Street?

  • I commute to work on my Onewheel and currently spend most of the commute riding one the sidewalk. I find its easy enough to go very slowly on the Onewheel when the sidewalk is congested and, shockingly, people don't seem to mind. When I ride around for fun, I sometimes ride on the road on smaller streets when it isn't too busy. But since I live and work in central London, I usually end up on the sidewalk.

    I'm curious whether most you use the sidewalk or the road (or bikelanes on the road). Very interested to hear about good and bad experiences on both and opinions on which is best.

    EDIT: Also, what city/country are y'all in?

  • Bikelanes and roads both, but it really depends on conditions of the road and if there is a lane for bikes at all.
    While the cars have been considerate enough, I do prefer not riding on the road.
    But mostly about where it's the least traffic, and the best road conditions :)

  • I ride a fairly even amount of both, I live in a Cali style town in West Michigan (USA) with Lake Michigan as our West coast. Since most of the local kids are skateboarding in the street anyways I go to the street when it isn't too busy. but i don't mind the sidewalk either. Personally I prefer to ride it on the boardwalk along the lake or on trails in the woods or sand dunes. Ive never had anyone complain or say anything negative about the board or how/where I ride it!

  • The street is smoother and faster for me in AZ. I'm in a bike lane if there's cars or carving in the road if there's not. I'll get on the sidewalk if it's really busy. I find if I go off the sidewalk in the grass to go around people they're way nicer, but yesterday a guy picked up his little dog when I got close. Cracked me up. From what I've seen of London traffic, I'd be on the sidewalk.

    Only bad experience was an SUV that slowed to figure out what I was on, but the guy started pushing me into the curb so I braked hard to get out of it.

  • @Twangechogain Sidewalks suck!!!!! I've taken more spills on the sidewalk than any street. Usually one of the seams in the sidewalk will drop an inch or more randomly, and you can't always see this. When you hit one of these seams unexpectedly it usually doesn't end up well. Last time this happened the board flew out from under me, and I landed with my left leg and foot folder under me as I slid to a stop. I am very very cautious on sidewalks now, and I avoid them if I can. Off roading is even easier than riding on the sidewalk with random large seams. At least you are expecting large bumps and deformities on the path. This is the top of my foot. IMG_4008.JPG

  • Falling can physically hurt besides hurting the ego falling off these amazing devices. One minute you are at the top of the world and the next minute humbly picking yourself up off the ground. 😅

    I have not had a chance to ride on sidewalks but I typically can maneuver very well in and around a not too packed crowd of people.

    I've noticed I do spend a fair amount of time looking at the next 20 feet rather than my surroundings. The better I get I'm sure the more I will relax and smell the roses.

  • Rode this thing down Collins ave in South Beach....scary as hell but mostly because of all the people/cars stopping and staring. They thought I was Marty McFly.

  • My two worst wrecks have been on bad side walks. Had them both within 10 min of each other. I am very careful now on sidewalks with flaws. The worst one the in the dark and the sidewalk had a separation in it. I thought I could make it ok but it was slightly down hill and the board popped down just enough to a dead stop shut off. I did a super man into the pavement. luckily I was wearing full pads and wrist guards or I would have been in trouble. Still can't stop riding the thing :)

  • @forzabucks said:

    They thought I was Marty McFly.

    ... I have a doc brown and Marty McFly costume... Halloween is going to kick ass

  • @NuclearDeLorean I'm so envious of you, your DeLorean, and your costume!

  • @MichaelW what is a dead stop shut off?

  • @TechMSS When your feet come off the sensor the board will shut down. This is dead stop shut off. When it happens its enough to send you flying like super man off the board ;)

  • I generally stick to the streets in NYC. I will hit the wider sidewalks if they are empty. As said above, people are in awe enough that they don't get mad at me. I've had a couple people get mad at me because they are crossing in the crosswalk and they think I am going to keep going and cut them off. They don't expect me to be able to stop so quickly. Meh, I'm as polite to people as they are to me. Those couple people got dirty looks and a nasty word back their way. Otherwise I am always careful to be respectful of peoples personal space.

  • Always sidewalk, never street. Don't you know, there are two ton death machine roaming the streets just itching to make you into a nice new hood ornament.

    I'd rather fall on the sidewalk than get hit by a car.

    My streets are packed with cars and the sidewalks around here are quite decent.

  • In my neighborhood - I am all street - very smooth riding

    Anywhere else it is sidewalk - I have dropped my Psi just a couple pounds to help with the breaks in a sidewalk.
    I am just starting to venture off in sand / dirt / grass

  • @forzabucks said:

    Rode this thing down Collins ave in South Beach....scary as hell but mostly because of all the people/cars stopping and staring. They thought I was Marty McFly.

    North of south beach? We've got a condo near haulover and I can't wait to take my Ow there.

  • @Whirly1 This was in the heart of South Beach. Haven't taken it to Haulover yet, but did go by the large walking track in Aventura, by the mall. Awesome place to OW, but it gets pretty packed on the weekends, so try to go midweek if you can.

  • I ride on the streets in San Francisco, even downtown. I try for bike lanes (some of which are really nice). I hope I don't die :-)

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