• I want one of these so bad! IM dreaming here. This thing looks amazing! This is the coolest thing ever!

    Onewheel one day!
    Ottawa Canada

  • I just got mine yesterday and have ridden now about five miles total . in and around my downtown area , so many people are asking what the heck is that and i just keep on going llol . My legs are killing me right now too .

  • Just save up for it! Its worth every penny!
    Trust me! :+1:

  • I agree with the other comments! Worth every penny. People have asked me,"is that a hoverboard?" I simply reply,"NOPE, it's an Experience!!". Join the Revolution!!!

  • Yes indeed Worth Every Penny. Save up !!!

  • I debated for 2 months before putting in an order, and by the time I got my hands on it I was well into November and into not-so-ideal weather for riding. Everyone on the forums said "just get one - you'll love it" and now I am in the same position to say the same to you. Worth every penny.

  • I'm actually going to quit smoking just so I can get one! I know silly motivation.

    But I can't remember the last time I wanted somthing so bad. Like a little kid.

    Ilk keep you updated!

    Onewheel one day!

  • @DJ I was the exact same way, and for the month and a half I had to wait for it to be delivered, I obsessed over it. I've had it for about two months now and I've never owned something I've enjoyed or thought about or talked about as much as the OneWheel.

  • @thegreck haha ya my friends hate me now bc this is all I talk about and I don't even own one. I'm Canadian and the dollar is like 69 cents to 1 US dollar. So it's like paying 2600 for me. This and my wife are huge hurdles to jump. Lol

  • @DJ

    Step 1: keep reading this forum and showing each new video in the wall of stoke to your wife until she gets really annoyed

    Step 2: think about how much you'd save from not needing to drive and hit the slopes to get the same experience.

    Step 3: Order. Worst case is you don't like it and sell it back for what you paid for it in the first place. Check out how fast the for sale posts goes.

  • This post is deleted!

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