Ever feel like a kid again?

  • I remember when I was a kid a went to the go kart track. On the last lap I would have that urge of sadness because my fun was almost over. I love owning this thing, because I never feel that way! I just feel like a kid with the best toy on the block! Lol

  • @TonyGDTLA Absolutely! I've carved out a track of dead grass from riding around in circles in the backyard, and I was just telling my wife a few nights ago how mad my dad used to get at my brother and I for ruining the grass when we were kids... and now I'm an adult and doing the same thing to the grass at my own house!

  • ha ha i so agree. @thegreck good times, and now awesome times !!!

  • And soon awesome vidz :grin:

  • I live across from a park where all these little kids hang out and play on the swingset and run around and just have fun. Well - now I ride the rails that surround the swing set, drop off curbs, jump roots, and simply rage in that park. The kids and I fit in well together! I'm 43!

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