Just rec. my onewheel! But its 11 degrees outside.

  • What is the coldest weather that someone has ridden in? I have only ridden it in the server room at work at that was such a tease to say the least. I can not wait to explore the possibilities with this thing (my pads/helmet/carry sling) came in already too

  • Mine has been hibernating in my garage all winter. The cold also kills the battery pretty fast so it makes it tough.

  • Is it ok to ride it briefly in the cold weather I see people riding them in the snow so I am a little confused lol? If anyone knows let me know :-)

  • Congratulations ! What an awesome day! One thing I will tell you is to be careful once you get comfortable on classic mode because if you go to fast the board will pushback and you'll nosedive. I have had my board a week and went ahead and changed it to the extreme mode for everyone's recommendation on this forum. Just don't want you to have the same trouble that I did and so many others. Have a blast!

  • @OnewheelFlorida I've already changed mine to extreme, ever since I've wanted one i have read every thread and watched videos, it felt very natural the first time I got on it, I think I may take it for a spin for a few minutes though :)

  • @tony420121 Well I'm in Pasadena, and it's gotten all the way down to 85 degrees today, but the battery seems to be doing just fine! ;)

  • @tony420121 The coldest was my commute to work. About -15°C (5°F). Wasn't really a problem :)

  • I have found that my board has greatly reduced range in cold weather and have not ridden much this winter. Also some weird things like getting low battery pushback when the app says I have 30% or 10%. If I were you I'd probably go play around with it but if the range is too low or its acting funny than wait till it gets warmer.

    Fm is saying the biggest risk to damage is to the tire if you ride after it's been sitting in freezing cold. So if you keep your board inside and go out for a ride, you should be good or at least covered by warranty if something goes wrong.

    I found this interesting post on how tesla cars are affected by freezing weather. I don't know what kinds of battery differences ow has from a tesla but some aspects may be the same. While a tesla car will run off battery while cold soaked, it will not charge the batteries via regenerative breaking until the batteries are warm. If there are parallels between ow and tesla batteries it could mean the act of riding a cold soaked board is fine but batteries could be damaged via regenerative breaking since ow doesn't turn this off when the batteries are cold. Maybe though the amount of breaking is minimal compared to a car and it's not an issue.

  • I live in LA and I don't ride when it is cold out. Under 60 is too cold for me. lol... 5 degrees F?! That shit is crazy...

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