A little story about safety...

  • Last night I went out to the backyard to practice a few moves on my OneWheel, and as I was about to grab my wrist guards and helmet, I thought to myself, "Ah, I don't need these... I'm just going to be in my backyard!"

    A few minutes later, as I tried to pull off a backside 180 while riding from the pavement to the dirt, the OneWheel suddenly slipped and I lost my balance and started to fall back. I quickly took one foot off the board and got it on the ground, but as I tried to put my other foot down I realized it was still on the foot pad and it shot out from under me. As I fell backwards, I threw an arm out to catch myself and slammed my wrist on the pavement right as the back of my head smacked on the ground.

    I laid there on my back for a few seconds and thought to myself, "Damn, am I glad I changed my mind and decided to wear my pads, or that might have actually hurt!" Then I got up and started riding again.

  • #safetyiscool

    Good you didn't hurt yourself real bad :+1:

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