OW is a endless rubber mobius edge for carving!

  • Even after 6 months of riding OW I'm still laughing with glee as I ride a battery powered rubber mobius strip through the forest. It just baffles me how ridiculously fun it is!

  • @ashewheeler
    It baffles me how it will , on classic mode slam you into the pavement when your coming to a slow stop.

  • @wheeler I always tell people to start in extreme mode for that reason..

  • I really think there needs to be a learners mode, that is basically extreme with a ~5mph top speed. And a pushback that you can't push through as easily.

    Though, I think being able to push through the pushback is a technical limitation.

  • @njcustom
    I just went for a spin in classic.. Im still afraid of extreme after getting dumped at high speed. Classic is working good for me.
    I was carving like on snow. Im getting better and im watching bumps and keeping the nose up. Im having fun and enjoying this thing alot! Elbow pads and knee pads but still going without the helmet. Guess im going to start using the helmet.

  • I agree - it's ridiculously fun to ride. It still feels new even after many months - except without the "newbie" awkwardness.

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