Ocean Salt Water + OneWheel = OK?

  • Has anyone actually taken their board to the ocean beach? The video of the boards being ridden through the salt water was a head scratcher. Do the folks at OneWheel recommend riding their board in and through salt water? Wouldn't that be really bad for the batter/motor/computer?

  • @BallewBoard I haven't gotten up the nerve to do it, but lots of others have, like this one:

    There's already been at least one thread on the topic here:

    The electronics are sealed up, but I think the main problem is if you let the salt water sit on it for too long, that'll destroy anything. But if you tape over the power button and get one of those plugs linked in the above thread, you can safely hose it off with clean water when you're done and it should be fine.

  • I have ridden the Ow in salt water and it was fine after. But I would not recommend it, saltwater does not go well with any types of electronics.

    But if you really want to ride it in saltwater be sure to spray it with normal water after use to get all the salt water out of it :+1:

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