Surf Cross-training

  • I've been riding my OW on the beach for a while, but today was the first time I tried this. I was riding down the beach on the hard pack in an area with a ~10 degree incline (total guess). As I started carving up the hill and then back down in short succession, I realized how much it felt like riding a wave. The incline really adds to the feeling, both frontside and backside. I focused on using the same pumping motion as surfing. Pushing up from the "bottom" of the wave to angle back up the hills/wave, then rotating at the top to head back down the hill/wave. To carve hard, particularly at the bottom, you have to really focus on that sweet spot of digging the tire in without it sliding out from under you. I can only imagine a steeper incline would be even more difficult.

    It was a workout! I truly think this will help my surfing skills - which are admittedly lacking since I've only been doing it a year.

  • Growing up in Florida we always had to ride small surf and work it. When I ride short cut grass with rolling hills it feels much like riding the 4 ft sets in Sebastian inlet. The beach riding was also great, not much pitch where I was but definitely epic nonetheless.

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