My Wish

  • I just want to say , the onewheel is absolutly ----ing awesome ! I

    love it !
    I mean look at it , the heavy duty quality construction with that big

    fat go cart racing slick , what a statement !
    What is it ? a go-cart , no , a skate board , no , a hoverboard , no ,

    surf board , no , snow board , no , its a onewheel!!
    As i am carrying it out of the Verizon store after paying my bill at

    the kiosk , a worker just outside of the door says "what is that" I

    reply just before taking off ,"its the only way to fly" :-)

    Love it!

    Hey dave , can you make a coffee run? I say sure with a big grin as i

    grab my one wheel........

    I had to order a second board in fear that Future Motion might

    'change" something in the apperance with it ... no , no , no , leve it

    alone , its perfect in every way visually , a work of technical art!
    Looks so much better without the fender !

    My wish list ,

    I wish that the onewheel was finished and the trust factor can be

    raised to 95%.

    the following criteria MUST be met for the one wheel to be a perfectly

    awesome machine with the ultimate man/machine/nature interface. I am

    sure most people will agree....

    1. there shall be NO hand control of any type.
    2. self balancing MUST be maintained at all times when ever a rider is

    present on the board regardless of foot position.
    3) continous visual battery discharge indication at ~50% discharge ,

    continous visual AND audible indication of discharge at ~10%.
    4) in the event of machine failure the wheel will NOT be in

    regeneration mode.
    5) Elevated mode will be merged
    6) new shaping app

    I am a seasoned 'dynamically satbalized mobility platform' i.e.

    (hoverboard) as they call them 'rider'.

    I think they nailed it with the firmware on this one , it is the (in

    my opinion) ultimate human / machine interface , albiet the nature

    interface still needs work. I like virtual reality but riding the 2

    wheeled 'segway' without a handle is superb augmented actual reality


    It is the indicators on the hoverboard which makes it a great riding

    experience and which brings the trust level for this 2 wheeled device

    up to 95-99% . More on this in a bit..

    so ,

    Pleae 'LOOSE the PHONE' during riding. To fumble with sometning in my

    hand to keep an eye on battery condition is very annoying and

    something must be done about it. Some people find a beeper annoying ,

    but for ME , i would rather the board communicate its status without a

    handheld device and pushback at the very end is not good enough for me

    in my humble opinion. YES the smartphone interface is awesome and the

    ability to update/shape again is sawesome but NOT while riding :-)

    Nice and simple , i look down and instantly know my battery condition

    , it starts to annoy me with a beep , time to charge.

    #2 'self balancing MUST be maintained at all times when ever a rider

    is present on the board regardless of foot position.'

    I am going to start right off and say , I do NOT like the rider detect

    pad and find it a huge damper on the riding experience.

    one of the things required to maintain 90+% trust in the machine is

    for the machine to interface to the rider in a way that is seemless to

    the application.

    for example , a standard skateboard , I trust it 99% because the

    obivious failure points of the skateboard are fully understood

    (bearings/chucks/mechanical assembally etc..) by the rider and the

    rider can eliminate the concern about 'the machine' and concern

    him/her self about the ride and the uncertainties that come along with

    that ride, thus fun !

    Nose dive is a popular subject in the forums because it is a problem

    and we need to think hard about this and find a solution.

    Nobody wants to break their ass , and those that like to push things

    to an extreme are in the lesser of the majority of those that ride

    these things.

    do you like to rock climb ? there are those that take it very

    seriously and those that push the edge and climb with no safety gear

    at all , these extremests still take it very seriously but are willing

    to die if they make a mistake , this is NOT for me .

    Do people surf in 60' waves ? not me :-)

    I am NOT an extremest , I might ocasionally push the edge (my edge)

    once and a while but for the most part , I just want to ride my

    onewheel without having to worry about breaking my ass due to design error :-)

    if it were not for the design flaw with the onewheel , my trust level

    for the board would climb up to 95% .

    there is 'nosedive' and there is 'catapault'.

    a nosedive is when the forward end of the board comes into contact

    with the ground and self balancing is maintained .
    a catapault is when self balancing is lost and the board comes to a

    sudden stop due to regeneration mode.

    the design flaw is this , when the 'microwave oven' style membrane

    mechanical switch glitches while board is in motion and self balancing

    is lost , regeneration mode causes sudden stop thus causing nosedive

    resulting in the rider being catapaulted.

    to get whaT I mean , turn on your onewheel and try to move it , notice

    the high resistance like breaks are applied, now imagine you are

    cooking along at high speed and the board does this , not good...

    There is no way to react in time to save your self from a catapault in

    the event of a glitch .

    I have modified my board so as my foot can be in any position and can

    tilt my foot and never have to worry about rider detect failure. I

    will post this mod soon.
    This is an electronic skate board! maintaining sensor foot placement

    should NOT be in the equation period !
    This thing is awesome off road and my foot moves all over while

    bumping around and having FUN!

    So yes , as we learn how to keep our foot planted , we do get better

    at not wiping out, but for ME , Future Motion needs to fix the rider

    detect problem.

    I bought the onewheel because I want to HAUL ASS on PAVEMENT and with

    my modified foot switch , I can now do this without concern of a

    glitch catapault. .but what about everybody else ?

    when we surf we land on water , when we snowboard we land on powder but when we carve on concrete we want to eleminate as much as possible , road rash ! ;-)

    i do not like extreme mode due to lack of communication from the


    #3 'continous visual battery discharge indication at ~50% discharge ,

    continous visual AND audible indication of discharge at ~10%.

    Knowing battery status is very important to me and I wish to

    constantly know my battery status at all times WITHOUT a hand held


    like having sex , during the particular charge session you plan to do

    certain things with your oneeheel and you want to be sure you have

    your riding climax before the battery runs out! ;-)

    #4 'in the event of machine failure the wheel will NOT be in

    regeneration mode.' AKA brick wall

    I think #4 will be non issue once #2 is solved. We definitly want our

    onewheel to STOP after we fall off of it . Do not want it to go

    tooling out into traffic or to hit anybody :-)

    #5 'Elevated will be merged'

    This is how I want MY shaping , call it "daves" app.
    Come to level , as I accelerate the nose rises and stays up until I

    reach the desired speed then levels out... when I slow down , the tail

    rises . Front and rear heights can pe preset with the application to

    the users desire. if when accelerating in this mode you notice the

    nose droping while accelerating , this is an indication you are

    pushing too hard and are reaching board limit and need to back off a

    bit. both speed limit of board and acceleration limit of board clearly

    indicated :-)

    Or have a 3 position rocker switch on the side to manually activate

    elevated in the direction of your choice while doing the cool

    skateboard crouch :-)

    #6 'new shaping app's'

    classic,elevated,extreeme , we need more! is there any creative

    thoughts out here that we can all agree upon to submit to Future

    Motion as to make things more interesting ;-)

  • This post will forever be known as "The Onewheel Manifesto."

  • @forzabucks haha if you read it all please post a cliff notes version that's only 3 sentences long

  • @braswell Ha Ha Ha... I was thinking the same thing.

  • @kdavid Totally agree on the visual/audible warning at 50% and 10% battery life. So if you're riding in one direction on a trail or bike path, you know to turn around and head back when it hits 50%, and when it hits 10%, you know you should take it easy because it could die any second. Pulling out my phone to check this myself every few minutes is a pain.

    Maybe even have an option in the app to pick which warnings you want. Like if you're riding in one spot, like at a park, you can opt for just a 20% warning, which would give you enough time to get back to your car.

  • @thegreck I like that idea. Use the app to give a selection of different warnings.

  • @KeithVlk And the warning (LED lights visible to the rider, an audible beep, and maybe even a vibration under the footpads) could be toggled on or off in the settings, too. You could choose just the lights, or just the beep, or just the vibration, or any combination of the three.

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