LA County: Anyone in the Pasadena/ Arcadia/ Monrovia/ Sierra Madre/ Duarte/ Azusa area?

  • So I've had my OneWheel about 2 months now, and I love it, but it's getting a bit lonely being the only person I know that has one and not having anyone to ride with. Seems like it would take a lot of the weird pressure off of being the center of attention if I had other people riding them with me, too.

    I live in Duarte and work in Pasadena, so I was wondering if there were others of you that ever meet up and do runs in in any of the areas listed in the topic line? I've been riding the San Gabriel Bike Path and Santa Fe Dam Rec Area, but I'm definitely open to other cool places to ride.

  • If anyone lives near Duarte and wants to ride sometime, I just got done riding at one of the most fun spots I've ever been on. Two nearly uninterrupted miles of a dirt path beside a 2-lane paved bike path with big wooden beams running between them that you can actually slalom around.

    The dirt path is really wide in most parts because it's made for horseback riding (although I didn't see a single horse today) and it's nice and soft in a lot of places with a lot of dips and bumps for doing all kinds of fun carving. It was so amazingly fun to ride, and a really good workout, too.

    And the paths both let out at a pretty nice park with all these great smooth sidewalks that go up and down grass hills around the park. It's like snowboarding for a few miles, then going on a cool little paved roller coaster. And there's a lot of open grass areas that are fun to ride on too.

    I can't believe I didn't know about this place already. I felt so sorry for all the people walking! Boring!!


  • Looks awesome, if I lived anywhere near you I would be there in a heart beat. Unfortunately Im in Texas, but maybe one day. :smiley:

  • My in-laws lives in Arcadia, next time I swing up, maybe I hit you up for a ride session...

  • I usually hit pasadena college campus after some chikfila, we should ride it sometime when youre around

  • @utsu That sounds pretty fun! You talking about on the weekend? I work in Pasadena M-F but I live close enough to drive there on the weekend -- and starting March 5, the Gold Line will run all the way to my hood, so I'll be able to hop a train! That's gonna change everything for me.

    Anyway, PM me sometime when you're thinking of going and I'll see if I can make it... thanks!

  • I'm with Texas Onewheel, I do tours all over Texas for people to try the board out. Follow my IG or Twitter to know where I am! @texasonewheel

  • @Texas-Onewheel Okay... but why did you post that here? I was looking for riders in the Los Angeles area.

  • @thegreck I live in Glendora. I got my OneWheel on Sunday. After riding around my yard, then the neighborhood, I spent some time riding yesterday off of Glendora Mountain Road, then around a park in the area. Looking forward to getting together with you, MichaelW and the rest of the LA area crew and riding real soon. Cheers!

    0_1458663223312_GMR OneWheel 3.21.16.JPG

  • @OriginalEric Welcome to the OneWheel club! Yeah, the Santa Monica/Venice Beach meetups are incredibly fun, and it's a great group of guys (continually growing in numbers), so come out and join us whenever you're ready... you should have a blast!

  • @thegreck I'll definitely be joining you guys very soon, perhaps the next time you all meet up.

    Do you mind PM'ing the location of that dirt/bike path you found in Duarte? I'd love to check it out sometime soon. Thanks!

  • @thegreck My apologies I assumed LA was Louisiana and there is a Pasadena TX. Did not mean to annoy you..

  • I am in the la verne san dimas erea and had a blast in venice last weekend with everyone , always down for a little cruise around almost anywhere this thing is so much fun !

  • @mranderson Yeah man, that was definitely a shit-ton o fun! The LA OneWheel crew is growing!

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