• This is one of my all time favorite mtb trails that we recently wheeled. It's situated right of I-40 and after climbing a mile of switchback (which the onewheel ate up amazingly) it let's out for an endless 4 miles along a knife edge ridge in some places. It finally dumps out in a state park that I mistakenly thought I remembered having outbuildings with outlets. I was carrying a backup power block good for almost 2 charges but I had to use it a little on the way down. To get back to the car you have to climb old 70 4 miles which is a nicely paved road that has been closed to cars and runs parallel to the RR tracks and also boasts incredible views across the valley of the ridge descending from kitsuma. The whole 8 mile loop is usually about a 2.5 hour trip on bikes. We charged both wheels as much as we could from the backup power block and headed into the darkness knowing we probably would not make it all the way out without hiking. Sure enough we had to shoulder the wheels about 2/3 up old 70 and didn't get back to the car until the superbowl was almost over 6 hours after we started! It was quite an adventure and I'm lucky my wife is so cool she happily went along for the whole thing. She was actually calmer than I was once we realized we were hiking out. We were stoked to have our dogs and eventually relaxed as the stars provided lights and entertainment! Can't wait to hit this trail again will probably set shuttle but it's doable with a backup battery per person!

  • @ashewheeler Great video! And that's so rad that your wife is right there with you riding those trails. I'm hoping my wife will do that someday... I've already bought her a helmet and wrist guards and have been letting her ride mine.

    We have a lot of mountain trails out here, too... but I've been too scared to deal with those narrow, angled, root infested, slippery, leaf covered trails where one false move and you're falling down a canyon. Nice to see them handled.

  • @ashewheeler said:

    Great Video man. Sounds like y'all had a blast. I wish I had trails like that in my parts.

  • @thegreck thanks for all the great feedback! You are an awesome presence and source of enthusiasm here on the forum and I know that you are being humble about your were crushing it your first day! Investing in getting Wendy up to speed wheeling has been really great for us! I'm sure you and Mrs. Robert Downey Jr will be out on the trails together soon! I've got to say onewheeling is a much easier addiction to feed when the better half is on board haha! Look forward to seeing your next vid! Loved the beastie boys!

  • Thanks @Dude likewise I really appreciate your input and positive energy here on the forum! You are in Houston right? I bet there is some sick riding around there somewhere keep exploring! The coolest part about the onewheel is that it allows you to shred almost anything!

  • @ashewheeler Thanks

    Keep it up, I know you and @thegreck will agree that OW off road or in the midle of nowhere is so much fun. I found a small bike path near some woods Im exploring. Im looking for more places and soon will have some good videos up. :smirk: I will keep y'all posted and Yes I'm in Houston TX

  • @ashewheeler Aww, thanks man, that means a lot! And I suppose I'm a bit humble about my riding, but I also suffer the limitations of someone whose only been at it for a couple of months. However, I think I'm getting better every time I get on the board, so I'll be ready for those trails soon!

    And haha on the Mrs. Robert Downey Jr. comment! I showed it to my wife and said "See, now you HAVE to get a OneWheel!"

  • @ashewheeler ahah! I need some of your footage for the coop vid !!! :grin:

  • @fabuz you busted me moonlighting my solo project! I'm still sifting through footage but will get you the rushes within 24 hours promise! Super mega excited about the community video!

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