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  • I'm seeing people say they reached a certain speed while riding. Is that speed read via the app or a third party gps speedo? If it is via the app, mine displays live on-the-fly data. Does that mean you're blasting down the road at 15mph checking your phone/Apple watch? That sounds crazy. What am I missing :)

  • Had to see what it was capable of, so found a safe location and peaked at 16.3 mph before my Onewheel pitched at its absolute max. 12/13 seems to be a great speed to max cruise at. I weigh 153 pounds.

  • I was using the app on my iPhone

  • Ok awesome. I'm still on pavement and haven't been on grass yet. I can see myself reading the speedo on the app and eating crap throwing my iPhone. Pavement makeout session.


    They should have an extra row that shows max speed for that power cycle. Just like the trip odometer resets for every power cycle, the max speed could as well. That would be cool.

  • I got mine up to 18.2mph the other day. It took 100 yards on new smooth asphalt so that I could slowly - ever so slowly - incease the pitch without it fighting back too hard. I was looking down at the phone speed via the OW app (briefly). It was a safe area.

  • I would love to hear FM chime in on this. In all my riding, I've never knowingly been able to get mine over 14.75. Are we seeing variations in hardware or firmware?

  • I was clocking mine using the Apple Watch app. Started getting pushback at 13 mph (extreme mode). Therefore, I just maintain 12.5 or so. Wish they would raise it to 18-20.

  • Mine also starts pushback at exactly 13mph in extreme. This is consistent with what fm stated for extreme as opposed to classic's 10mph pushback. Not sure how hat jives with the whole 15mph top speed specs when I have never been able to get that fast.

    I'd say it could have something to do with weight but given how close to 13mph pushback starts for me I'd assume weight is not in play for my board.

    I'm fine with 13mph if that limitation is needed for safety given current specs but if not I would not mind going a little faster.

  • How do you guys keep your Apple Watch app connected? Once I put my phone back in my pocket, the connection is lost after a minute of so...

  • You have to leave your phone screen on (unlocked), which is of course tricky when putting the phone back in your pocket. Even then, after a few minutes, the watch will switch back to the clock unless you're raising your wrist and checking it every 30 seconds.

  • @lynnpreston Just got an update on the app last night. Hopefully the problem is fixed.

  • I clocked in at 16mph on a police radar yesterday! :+1:

  • @lynnpreston : Yeah. It's a bummer. I usually just turn off the autolock if I know the ride will be longer, if not it looks like I'm in a rush cause I keep looking at the watch LOL!

  • @kjmedora said:

    How do you guys keep your Apple Watch app connected? Once I put my phone back in my pocket, the connection is lost after a minute of so...

    So, after the recent update the phone screen could be turned off and the watch remained connected. Even waited a couple of minutes. The downside of it defaulting to the clock remains. Hopefully we could add it to the "Glances" in the future.

  • So even if I set my apple watch to open last app when viewed... it still goes back to the clock?

  • Just double click the crown on the watch and it shows the last used app..

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