After a failed dismount, my onewheel took off!!

  • @Chriz Ya know, I was out with mine for the first time and had it skip off quite a ways unexpectedly a couple times. It shot off and wedged itself good under a truck in my driveway. I had to let most of the air out of the tire to free it. After reading this thread and one other, I'm trying to decide if mine needs to be sent in. Now that I'm a little more careful with my dismount, I'm hoping that it was user error, but I'm trying to be careful where the thing is pointing when I get off or if I get close to needing to bail.

    Sorry that happened, but I'm glad you got your board fixed up. You should make a top-level post about it so that other new riders can learn from your unfortunate episode.

  • @Chriz it's understandable that you would be paranoid after having that happen. However most of us have never experienced this and I don't think there have been any recent reports of this happening. My guess is that they fixed the problem boards and have safeguarded against this bug in production which is good reason not to worry about it. My only fear when riding is taking a nose dive from shifting my feet off the sensor which thankfully has not happened in a very long time.

  • Just got my OneWheel <60 minutes ago....the board took off twice on me, leading me to this forum.

    The first time the takeoff issue happened was literally my second time stepping on the board...I went MAYBE 6 feet at about 3mph...barely moving. Anyways, I fell off balance and hopped off, knocking the board on its side. As Im standing over it, I watch as the wheel starts accelerating to full speed. It was on its side, so it didnt move much, just scuffed the edge of the tire a big deal, I thought...Im a complete novice- must be a user error.

    Fast forward (no pun intended) to 30 minutes later. I'm starting to get the hang of it as I'm riding down a side street in town...I start to pick up a little speed, a little too much speed for my comfort level, so I throttle back. As Im throttling back I can feel myself losing balance, and the board doesn't seem like it is slowing down, so I jump off. The board wobbles a bit from my dismount, but doesn't slow down at all...instead it starts accelerating, so much so that the board completely levels out, perfectly balanced, humming towards Main St at full speed.

    I just stood there and watched my onewheel go full speed into traffic, crossing Main St, and only stopping when it finally smashed into the curb, separating the footboard from the frame in the process. Not to mention, traffic was brought to a screeching hault at this point, and everyone is looking at me like a complete psychopath....cant say I blame them. The only thing positive I can say about the whole experience is THANK GOD my wife wasnt there to witness it...

    I knew there was some risk involved with this thing, but holy shitballs.....this issue could cause some serious damage.

    Anyone know of a fix?

  • could be two things:

    1. board malfunctioning
    2. user error: could also be that you're not yet used to keep your centre of gravity above the wheel resulting in weird slow-downs and speed-ups. at least that's what happened to me in the beginning (or so i deduced).

    what mode are you riding in ?

  • @mack11 If you know you have to bail out then do your best to knock the board over in the process. That has been my approach. I avoid jumping off the board as much as possible. I try to use a controlled dismount at all times. But if you do get into a situation where you have to jump off just try to knock it on it's side.

  • @chabis @mack11 Great point about the mode. I have noticed you dont get the same runaway board issue when you ride in extreme mode. Just another reason classic mode is DANGEROUS.

  • I was riding in Classic mode when it happened. I changed to extreme after reading the suggestions here, and it is a much more controllable ride now.

    However, I am still noticing the acceleration/full throttle after dismount issue. It happens inconsistently very, so it is hard to say what is causing it specifically, but I just rode for 2+ hours with two friends and we were all noticing it. In some instances the wheel would spin for 4-5 seconds after full dismount. The inconsistency makes me think it is a bug/software issue.

    I emailed customer support after the initial incident this morning (no phone number to be found anywhere), but haven't heard back yet.

    Thanks for your help, and I'll keep you posted if I get an update from customer service.

  • Anyone jumping off to stop is likely to have problems. There is nothing cooler than pulling up to some friends, balancing on the board and rolling your foot off the sensor until the board sits down for you. Then step off like a boss! Jumping looks desperate and causes all other kinds of problems. If you push off on the sensor foot too hard, the speed will engage as you jump and the 1W will take off on you or flip and spin damaging the wood on the side. Dismount like a boss. Way easy to do.

  • @mack11, this is not user error no-matter how you jump or fell off. I've come off my board a million different ways and it's always disengaged immediately with weight off both sensors.

    If the board is not disengaging after weight is off the sensor it means your board has a malfunction and you should not ride it. Contact support ASAP and get it fixed. They did ramp up production and it sounds like they probably need to do some extra quality control with their new production methods.

  • @Franky actually, i don't think so. was out riding with friends the whole weekend. well, those guys don't have a OW but skateboards. so i brought along the OW and my old skateboard and we shared the OW riding in the park (which is absolutely amazing! definitely a learning curve and some inhibitions to overcome but GREAT). it's a small park so we didn't get in the way of anybody else while trying to get over boxes and stuff.
    one of my friends always tried to dismount by jumping off the board. he isn't used to it yet, so he’s not comfortable lifting one foot or sliding off the sensor maintaining balance. funny thing is, whenever he jumped off, the board (for a second) seemed to try and stabilise itself, tilted a small bit forward and accelerated, riding off in one direction before coming to a full stop (as it normally would do immediately). the momentum of the board however, prevented it to stop immediately, as it normally does. i can try and make a video next time if you want me to. it’s weird, cause i can jump off the board without it starting to accelerate at all. so can my brother and two other buddies. it seems to be a problem very particular to him  this i why i reckon, it is user-error rather than a mechanical problem. probably pushing harder with the foot that is planted on the sensor, resulting in a speed up when jumping off? luckily, he knew what happens if he does. so after the first “weird, speedy dismount” he knew he would have to catch the board before it accelerated to much to take off. we had a good laugh :-D but i imagine the situation to be totally different if you’re not expecting it to happen. i usually never jump off but lift my sensor off the foot. the safe way to go i guess.

  • @chabis no doubt ow can be dangerous at close range when dismounting with momentum. I've got at least one scar on my ankle to prove it. For sure the board can keep on going after you fall or jump off especially if the rider was gaining speed or going down an incline. But what I'm saying is that the motor should disengage within a second of coming off both sensors or you are dealing with a defect that fm will want to fix. If you can replicate your motor not disengaging immediately after off sensors and get it on video I'm 100% certain fm will send you a new sensor pad.

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